My Legendary Father

Fathers (Photo credit: Julialondon)
Fathers (Photo credit: Julialondon)
Fathers    (Photo credit:     Julialondon)
Fathers (Photo credit: Julialondon)

It’s Father’s Day so what a great way to start this day but by paying tribute to the most industrious father of all time. My father is a man of great patience and integrity. He is the prototypical father that we all want to have. I did not have the opportunity to know him in my younger years but the fear and respect that I had for him never waivered over the years. He has been a constant presence in our lives even if we are oceans’ apart. He never let our home fall even if the tides are too strong.

A true testament to his greatness, that’s my dad at his best.
I’m fortunate enough to get to know him now, in his prime. We are both working here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and he is my boss.  He is a good boss. In fact, I heard a lot of good things about him. I’m not surprised anymore because deep in my heart that he is the best wherever he goes. At first, I didn’t know what to call him at work. Is it tatay or sir?..  I guess tatay would be more appropriate so I call him tatay instead, “silently”…hehe.
He raised the bar so high that I’m willing to walk the same path, the same path that he had created through the years, in this land of sorrow, so that no one in his family will ever feel hunger ever again. He gave me and my brother the best education possible, the best that he could and the best that he has. And now, as I am walking the same path as he was, I will never feel lost again because the template to success has been laid right in front of me, from god to my father then my father unto me. His road to success is a long and winding one. He deserves a book in his name.
But through all this accolades, my father is just a simple man. A man of great faith and character, he makes god as the center of everything and for in that case, our family. He started with nothing with a lot of dreams, but now because of all the hard work, sleepless nights and homesickness. He has succeeded that’s why I’m here right now. We may not agree on some issues but he respects my decisions. We may debate on some simple things but I know he got my back all the time. In times, when I feel down and out, he lifts me up and supports me. He knows when I’m right and when I’m wrong so no fooling my old man, the doctor says.
This past year has been the longest that we have been together. It’s priceless and no one can ever take that away from me. I may not have my father for the rest of my life but this moment I will cherish, being the son of a legend.
Someday, I will have a family. I will have a lovely wife and wonderful children of my own. And someday, I will be the next greatest father of all time. I will teach my children good lessons in life the same way my parents taught me. And most of all, I will always tell them stories about the man whom I idolize, the reason why they are here and why I’m here.
My Idol, My Dad.
 In my heart, my dad is a father but, in my mind, he is legend. He is not superman, batman or even an avenger but one thing is for sure, my dad is the greatest superhero father of all time.
Happy Father’s Day Tay!
author:  rackyboi69
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