My Definition of Love

What is Love (Photo Credit: Suhaibwebb)
What is Love (Photo Credit: Suhaibwebb)
What is Love  (Photo Credit:    Suhaibwebb)
What is Love (Photo Credit: Suhaibwebb)

What the world needs now is love, sweet love. Let’s focus on the positive things that LOVE can do in our lives. It’s nice to focus on the brighter things in life.

Here are my definitions. Hope you like it, and  I hope you can also relate to it.

  • Love is when you have this stupid smile on your face.  When you are thinking of someone you love, everyone who sees you would think you are crazy!
  • Love is when you have two left feet, but thinking of your love makes you wanna dance like there’s no tomorrow!
  • Love is when you are not vain at all, but this time you would like to make yourself pretty, and you realize that spending some time in front of the mirror won’t hurt a bit!
  • Love is when you are always excited to talk to the one you love! Because you adore the way he laughs, the way he teases you, and the way he makes you feel!
  • Love is when you find beauty in the simple things that you usually take for granted! He is like the rainbow that makes your life colorful! He is like the sun that makes your day bright! You feel that you need him, like the flower needs the rain. In other words, you can’t live without him! He completes you!
  •  Love is when you try to do things that you have never done before! He makes you want to climb the highest mountain! Swim across the sea! Well, figuratively! LOL! It means that you are willing to go through all the trials and obstacles just to be with him!
  • Love is when you know you might get hurt, but you still love with all your heart because you can’t fight the feeling!  The more you suppress it, the more it consumes you!


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