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By the way, no animals were harmed in the making of this video.

Dogs are known as the man’s best friend. So at least I should not wonder that like humans, animals like dogs are talented, too. Like the ever-famous Saber from the defunct-Magandang Gabi Bayan in the ’90s, and a whole lot more.
As I check out my channel in YouTube and my old videos in Facebook, I found this mini-feature-slash-documentary. Honestly, I don’t know how it is to called. It’s about talented-street dogs, and these 2 dogs that me and my group saw in a mall in the city of Manila was named after the characters of a famous television show. Perhaps, living in spotlight despite poverty on its burdens carrying out on the shoulders of a certain Sergio Redoloza.
Just a brief summary, it was late September when we shoot this mini-feature. That time, we were clueless on who will be our subject as we were doing this spontaneously and even clueless on how a good TV Production should be done or so. After some few minutes and hours of searching and re-searching, we found Mang Sergio setting up the show of his dogs. Well, he is the trainer of Habagat and Bagwis, the two talented dogs that I’m talking about earlier. Then he take them to the streets and show their stuffs. If I’m not mistaken, it’s near Liwasang Bonifacio area, beside the places of
LRT Line 1
Central Terminal Station, SM City Manila and Manila City Hall. Another places? Hmm… I saw them at around Morayta once. But I know there are other venues.
Well, We joined Mang Sergio during that one Sunday to cover his story. Observing how his show rolls every hour of the mid-day, until to the wrap-up chores. After a  hardworking day of showtime, they’ll be going back to Mang Sergio’s house at around Baseco/Tondo area. From there, he shared his life story on how these dogs helped him live despite his situation of living. He had been doing that for years, and after some time of hard work, it paid off. These two dogs got some extra stints on televsion screens after being spotted on the streets of the city doing tricks on various ways.  Feel free to watch these videos.





Yours truly is one of the writers of this 2-part video which I uploaded on my accounts a year ago. And I can still recall the life and times of making of this one, even though I was present during the production time only and except for the last segment. It was my classmate’s idea (which turned out to be the director of this mini-feature) whom made this very possible.

By the way, this is my group’s presentation during my social arts class. I was on my very first semester in college then, and this video served as a final requirement for the subject.

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