Mr. Perfect, Mr. Right, My Ideal Man and…


A simple girl with a simple dream… but how can something simple be so hard to achieve…?

Confused? Yes, I am..

I think I had too much bedtime stories when I was a kid, I grew up wondering how is it to be a princess…

I had always believe in ever after, in happy endings..

What really happens after ever after?

I’m like a lost soul wandering around, looking for something…and looking for someone.. in my 28 years of existence..

I met Mr. Perfect.  I met Mr. Right Guy and  my Ideal Man

Yes! Three different individuals..

Let’s start with Mr. Perfect.

What can I say, he is absolutely perfect; well, at least from my own point of view.. lol

How can I say he is perfect?… well,

I couldn’t find a flaw.. not a single flaw in him.

Physically, he has the looks of an Angel!  Perfect physique..

I met Mr. Perfect in a music room. I was tantalized and my jaw literally dropped .(giggles)

He knows how to play almost all instrument, name it, he knows it!

A friend introduced Mr. Perfect to me, we exchanged smiles. Done! That’s it..

I was not so busy in school then, so every break I have, I go to the music room and watch, or  should I say listen to the music created by these talented creatures! lol

I don’t know how to play any instrument, I’m contented just listening to their music.. Mr. Perfect and his band mates was then preparing for a music festival competition.

“You are perfect… Changing hues.. the change of seasons will leave you clues…”

I love that song…. It is really perfect….

Oh my… it is dark, I haven’t noticed the time.. it is past 8:00 pm. I needed to go home. I was freaking out because if I’ll take the public transport, by the time I reach home, it will be pass my curfew.

Luckily, Mr. Perfect offered me a ride, I didn’t refuse. That day he got my hand phone number, and I had his.

I thank him for the ride, it was so sweet of him. I slept that night with a big grin on my face.

Mr. Perfect and I eventually became friends, after his class he finds time to go to my class to see me for a few minutes and gives me chocolates… Mr. Perfect is my chocolate supplier then..Mr. Perfect really knows how to make a lady smile.

No need to ask for my whereabouts after my class, he knows that 101% I’ll be at the music room.

After class he’ll asked me for dinner, or we simple go to the next refilling station, buy some food (my fave. – Mr. Chips and his – strawberry ice cream) and we go to parks or park somewhere, where we can eat, talk and laugh our hearts out.

I don’t know how time flew so fast, I’m finally graduating. I am so happy that College is over, but what irks my heart is –

I’ll miss MR. PERFECT

“Snow is falling from the sky in the middle of July

Sun was shining in my eyes again last night

Alarm goes off without a sound

The silence is so loud, something isn’t right…… stranger by the day…”

It really gets stranger by the day

After college, I got a job in a University..

Because of my job and because Mr. Perfect is busy, our time together became less and less..

I missed him, yes I do.. I miss how he made me feel special.

Mr. Perfect and me are still friends to date. Too bad, he found Ms. Perfect and they’re getting married soon.

I got an invitation!

Mr. Right

Mr. Right does everything right. A man of honor and a true gentleman.

He is a few years older than I am, which means he is wiser and more knowledgeable.

I like older men, because they are wiser, more careful and delicate.

I am amazed by the amount of knowledge Mr. Right has, he has a very good perspective on life.

Live and let live. Mr. Right and I had a common friend, that is how we met.

Exchanging opinions and battle of the brain – less is our game… Lol..

Mr. Right knows where to track me down..

I can’t sleep without booze on my blood. That was then.

Mr. Right was my knight in shining armor, probably he saw the deep

sadness in my eyes.

I can’t help it, I just need some booze before I sleep.

Mr. Right made sure that I reached home safe and sound every day. Every damn day.

He did these for a few months, then the news broke.He’s going somewhere else, got a job somewhere else.

It striked me like lighting, I was dumbfounded. Again, sadness crept my whole being.

Since Mr. Right left, I stopped taking in booze. I went straight home after work, everyday.

Mr. Right still checks me every night if I’m home. He sends SMS or calls me.

We had a constant communication, until Mr. Right offered me something,

To move in with him, probably I’ll get a job there in no time.

Excitement filled me, who would refuse such an offer?

only a CRAZY girl like me will, YES, I did, I refused his offer.

I choose to stay … argh! Stupid stupid stupid me..

Mr. Right eventually drifted away…

Me and Mr. Right are still friends, guess what?

Yes! He met Ms. Right and I heard the church bell is ringing  soon..

I also got an invitation.

Then came my My Ideal Man..

My ideal man is not as perfect as Mr. Perfect

My ideal man is not as right as Mr. Right

My Ideal man is just a simple ordinary guy, who knows what he wants in life.

He knows how to make me feel special and loved.

He has the ideals I have longed for a man.

He crossed oceans just to see

He gave me a gift I won’t forget my lifetime

A present that I know can’t replace the living..

It is a gift in memory of my precious…

But it turns out to be that I am not too Ideal for My Ideal Man…

Then I met the ONE…

Tales of the one is yet to be told…

I know he is boy romantico! lol

But a very firm and tough guy..

A dignified man… I wonder how does it feel to be hugged and

kissed by the ONE

To my Mr. Perfect, Mr. Right and My Ideal Man.

One thing I failed… I failed to appreciate all the things you did for me. Thank you guys!

I was trained to hide my true feelings, I am hurting but you can still see me smiling.I failed in a lot of ways…


No more buts…

No more what ifs…

and no more if only….

They all left a mark in my life, mark that can’t be changed,

A mark that will forever remain in me. I believe everything does

happen for a purpose, a friend once quoted “what if I wasn’t there at

that exact place and  that very exact time I met him”

what could have happen?


For the ONE…

You made me realize that I don’t need to find a perfect guy.

You said to me “imperfections makes an individual unique ”

You also thought me that I don’t need a Mr. Right,

Mistakes are milestones in life that makes us a better and stronger person,

I should not be afraid of possibilities. You simply knocked me down when you

told me to “stop assuming things..”

I should live in today… and everything will follow

Yes, assuming too much has haunted my whole being…

I should start opening windows and doors wide,

but still keeping my guards up!

I also don’t need My Ideal Man per se,

Ideals are standard guidelines… let it only be a guideline of what

I want and what I like.. yet there are always special exemptions..

I want to make it right this time…


author:  borgyzeus



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