Moving On

Moving On (Photo Credit: Favim)
Moving On (Photo Credit: Favim)
Moving On     (Photo Credit:    Favim)
Moving On (Photo Credit: Favim)

I wish to not make him as perfect because I’m really okay with the flaws that he possesses. I am loving the flaws because they are parts of who he is. Have you ever been in a situation wherein you love a certain person but that certain person does not have any idea that you love still him? Like you have always loved this person, and you had no idea if he has even liked you or not. And you had memories together apparently because he has known about it. Because apparently I exploded two years ago without any noise ,I guess. And it was only three words:I LOVE YOU.

But still, I wish to be with him because he makes me happy, and I still wait for the unfulfilled promise– and they are all my enemies and myself too. Unfortunately, since I have developed the rational part of me, I’m having some conflicts, on whether to still hold on to this feeling or not. Or just move on. Two years and I keep on waiting. Two years and I’ve been the dorkiest, damsel in distress or whatever you could call it.

But still, something tells me ‘keep believing’. I keep on believing. And I both loved and hated it. But I have to go. No one ever said it’s a requirement to voluntarily make yourself miserably stranded in the same place, in the same place where ‘magic’ started. Everybody moved on including him of course, like he had voluntarily forgotten his promise for me. I have to go yet I keep on moving back and forth, like I’m dancing,you know. Someone please push me forward.

And he didn’t even take me to dance during our prom.  I cried much that time.

So, I’ll just follow my dreams.  By following my dreams I can be the independent, non-clingy, invincible person that I wanted to be, far from the dependent, clingy, over-loyal and over-faithful puppy that I have been before.


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