Mistula: Modern Pinoy Alternative Music

The Philippine music scene is teeming with lots of artists. Musical expression has been part of our history even before the Spaniards came. From the usage of the kulintang in the south, to the practice of the romantic harana of the rest of the islands, Filipinos’ love of music built the bond that linked old generations with the new. Filipino music continues to evolve to this day. Genres add up and influences keep on coming. Regardless of the hype, Filipinos manage to express themselves in ways that reflect their resilience in human history.

Enter the music of today’s future. Enter Mistula.

Mistula is a virtual band that I came across in one of my research for alternative Filipino music. Whatever its brainchild intends to propagate with the venture, I considered it worth exploring because it represents what the future generation of Filipino music aficionados are going to look back on.

You won’t see mistula anytime on clubs or stadiums performing for teenagers. You won’t see them on MTV or guesting on noon time shows. Mistula is online and in the Filipino consciousness. It is where  our music is evolving. It is where they are.

The Rock Nation interview
The Rock Nation interview

When I did the virtual interview more than five years ago, a band member in the form of a doll entertained me. Literally, a doll. The doll responds to the name Lugosi, drummer and lyricist. The rest of the members: Manx Minuet (guitars and lead vocals), Lobo (rhythm guitars), and Uno (bass and vocals). Their music’s core is based on thought-provoking poetry as sampled here in an excerpt of the Last Supper lyrics:

Tanging hiling ng isang ina
Ihain ang sarili nya.
(Mapalad ang tinatawag sa kanyang piging.)
Mula ulo hanggang paa, tikman ang pag-ibig niya.

Gawin mo ito, bilang pag-alala sa akin.

Ngayong gabi ipagbunyi natin
Busog kang mahihimbing.
Ihanda na ang mga plato’t pinggan,
Ang mga baso, huwag kalilimutan.

Maghugas ng kamay, nand’yan lang ang tabo
Heto ako, iyong bimpo, gamitin mo.
Kay daming ulam… o, dahan-dahan
‘Wag kang mag-alala, ‘di ka mauubusan.

The band members
The original band members

Mistula may subsist online, but there is a tribute band that plays for them if we, human beings, choose to see something live. The band members’ influences include Mutiny, Dahong Palay, Backdraft and countless of nameless bands that helped in the resurgence of Pinoy rock in the new millenium.

Soon enough, though, Mistula just may cross barriers of self-expression (as no one knows what the future holds), but before that happens, let me introduce what they are and their kind of Filipino music here to you.

Click below to listen to one of their songs entitled Last Supper.

The Last Supper – mistula

Marami pang makabagong alternatibong musika ang mga Pilipino. Ang pagtangkilik ng sariling atin ay likas sa ating pagkatao. This is why we ought to respect any genre of music that our fellowmen has because by appreciating their art we are aprreciating our national consciousness as well.

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