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For the past weeks of May, I hit a snag in posting a 500-words blog. The weeks previous, I was on target, until I get occupied with my relatively bigger project, the 2nd installment of the Baliwag History Magazine, the May Issue.I felt guilty missing one of my self-proclaimed goals of posting supposedly a weekly blog. Now that it was done, I realized I have bitten off more than I can chew.

This was how I envisioned the project: I would encapsulate the five centuries of events to 3000 words, the center of which is the Baliwag St. Augustine Church.

My premise was that the Baliwag St. Augustine Church is an indelible enduring landmark that defines the existence of Baliwag as a town, forever. It deserved a spot in the annals of Baliwag History. Historian can devote one whole book just for the history of the Baliwag St. Augustine Church alone, starting from its conception during the Spanish time, how it survived the American and Japanese War, and up to the present. However, as I intent it to be one chapter of Baliwag History, how in the world would I fit the four periods of history on my limit of 3000 words with smooth transition.

My challenge became real when I started resourcing materials. The materials that I found were so vast and humongous. Which events from those materials I would pick and choose that would represent each period, and if stitched together would weave a complete story line with a beginning, a middle, and an end?

It’s a feat that I have done and I am completely satisfied with the results. Although, of course, I had to give in something in the exchange. The experience served me well. I enjoyed the process.

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