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Road of Life (Photo Credit Fineartamerica)
Road of Life (Photo Credit Fineartamerica)
Road of Life     (Photo Credit      Fineartamerica)
Road of Life (Photo Credit Fineartamerica)

1. The most painful is that we self-inflict, that which we do to punish the conscience that will not make peace with a lie, that which we force the memory to erase the wound forever bleeding, that which will make all feelings raw like peeling one’s skin, that which will never go away till we obtain the forgiveness only the pure self can render. Pain that is necessary. Pain that is merciless. Pain for redemption that we may again live, dream, love and die.

2. Most will venture, explore and learn the lessons of the road. Endless highways and byways lead to sweet unknowns the heart desires that even the mind will refuse to turn down. At the end of the day, it is the parking lot though, that holds what is true and most profound: destiny is the moment and circumstance of one’s birth, timing is being there just when one pulls out of a parking space. In life, that is everything.

3. Love enthralls. Love conquers. Love is the intoxication life needs. The guarantee of forever and passion unlimited makes good movies and happy-ever-after-fairytales. In real life though, the passing of time and day to day existence take their toll. Passion diminishes as the body deteriorates but love and caring should not. The magic will last with the caveat that we become magicians. Fall classes now accepting registration.

4. The chance of youth, that period of awakening, of discovery, of idealism, of passion unbound, of cares hitch to the wind, of dreams without limits. That of nights breaking into dawn and sunsets caressing the moon. Holding the past knowing where one has been make tears of sweet recollections not the bitter could have-beens. Take time to grow old, age is not going anywhere.

5. Life is not a do-it-over. Steps taken leave permanent prints neither time nor desire can erase. We can make excuses and deny responsibilities for failures and shortcomings. Such can only be fuel to the fire. Accepting our humanity and facing the fall that we may rise up is a world better than staying in the muck with false pride and useless defiance. The gutter cradles only those who choose to stay for good.

6. “I believe in waiting. I believe in promises. I believe in forever. I will not quit on an ideal. I will not quit on a hope. I will not quit on you. Silence the wind and the waves then you can silence my heart. Come home, I still live for you.” From a letter never written, never sent, never read, 31 years ago.

7. History is filled with immortal names of those whose remains have long been part of the earth. Whether exaggerations or diminishing truths, their deeds survived the passing time. Ordinary people learn with awe the immensity of their power, the voraciousness of their greed, the gratuity of their violence and the senselessness of losing all. We think power wielders of today will at least take counsel from their fallacious grip to stay on top. Like the tyrants of before, they see not the inevitability of the end.

8. There is no forever. The future will always be a question. We go by what we want, what we aspire, what we believe, what we dream. The guidelines of hard work, perseverance and prudence light the darkness somewhat, but the guessing game still offers the best chance. The young has the future to lose, the aged, just the memory of what was. In this inequality, one alternative makes sense: live till death. A wasted life is an insult to God.

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