“Memory Lane” (Because you never forget the “first”)

One depressive afternoon when I was feeling like I don’t know what to do with my life, I don’t know what I want and where I want life to lead me through, I found myself opening an old box that has all my high school stuffs and with a blink of an eye some bunch of papers in two regular LBC plastic caught my attention. Then, I just found myself scanning through some those letters – old stuffs – I can’t explain the feeling of running my fingers through this letters again, after like what? 7 years? The tactile feeling of flipping through sheets of papers and reading the lines in those papers with margins indicating how young the writer of those letters was back then—

Well things had changed. You’ve grown up – we’ve grown up ( my height is not included hahaha) – perhaps we didn’t share anymore the same perspectives that we once used to, and that’s fine, I’ve always believe that’s part of changes. I’ve seen you’ve been appreciating Paulo Coelho books and, probably that’s the only thing I knew about you. Now, thanks to FB it did quite reminds me of you once in a while, at the back of my mind, I hope that you still believe in destiny, in replying to messages and that there is such thing as true love.

Oh no please don’t get me wrong. I am writing this not because I am still in love with you nor for the reason that I am still not over you… well I guess its  true that you never forget the “first” —and perhaps, I just want to celebrate through writing that young intimate love that we once shared and that experience of a lifetime that guides me into every relationship that I have been to and that I will have in the future.

The memory of you always inspires me to dream and to always love at my best and today. And though I know that I can take the bus ride and go drop down right in your place, I just decided to feel the air and feel the power of love that never fails to make me strive to be a better person.

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