Memes, Memes Everywhere.

Question mark (Photo credit: Masjidma)
Question mark (Photo credit: Masjidma)
Question mark  (Photo credit:     Masjidma)
Question mark (Photo credit: Masjidma)

Seriously, what is a meme? Where did it come from? What is its purpose, if there’s any?

According to online dictionaries, “a meme (pronounced to rhyme with dream not to sound like the “mem-” in memory) is a collection of ideas that can evolve”. Kinda deep, isn’t it? Well, yeah it’s really really deep. So deep that we have to dissect it bit by bit to fully understand what it really is. First, let me tell you something. I need you to get some tissue, or worse, some tampons. You ask why? I’ll tell you why. Because this is gonna be one hell of an effin’ ride that’s sure to blow your mind out from your skull to the vast enterprise of the universe. Here it goes.

First of all, what is its origin? Did it come from a meteorite or some asteroid? Sadly, no. The concept of meme was coined by Richard Dawkins, the renowned author of the book, The Selfish Gene (1976). He defined it as “a unit of cultural transmission” . For me, a meme (Oh crap, I’m using the word meme too much! Damn, I did it again) is  something or someone that goes viral. So viral that almost everyone put their ideas and beliefs on stake for the sake of knowing what it really is. You know what happened to almost everyone? Beliefs changed. Ideas vanished. Understanding came. Let me put a simple quote about it, ” Feed the meme, free your mind” ( Hey! Don’t judge me! I just used it  because I needed to!) This is true for most of the memes I see. But sadly, I had to use the word “most”.

Some memes,  (the ones excluded from most memes) , do not free your mind. Instead, they constrict your mind to an even tinier space than your stock mind. These are the memes that propagate bad ideologies and selfish instincts. We call these memes “The Evil Memes” (the emperor is “Evil Mememperor”[Bwahahaha!]).

These types of memes are the ones you should be hiding from. Classify it as a dark alleyway and “The Good Memes” as an open avenue. Of course, in an open avenue, there are also raging cars travelling to and fro. You should be avoiding them because they can either take you deeper on the avenue (that’s better :D) or to the dark alleyway (ohhhhhh… :(). They can be classified as random people searching for a new ideology or belief to replace those they dropped at the departure area.

 “C’mon baby, here are some tampons … Put it on your ears and nose.. Oh, crap! your left eye just fell off. Let me fix that for you…. Wait, wait! Give me the tweezers. I think that’s the hypothalamus hanging around your ear. Oh crap, just stop reading that, will ya?”
“No, I have to learn. I have to set myself free.”

Hey! Hey! You’re staring at blank notes, you prick. Back here. Let us just put everything inside a nutshell. A meme is a bomb. A bomb that if triggered, will set you free roaming into the vast galaxy exploring new ideas (and other) that can support you on (almost) everything. Just be picky on what you believe on (believe me) because it affects not only you but also your friends (No, not Facebook friends, you prick), family and those who believe in what you believe. In short, your choice affects eternity. Last but not the least, if you believe what I just said and what you just read then this is a meme.

 “Parenthetical remarks (however relevant) are unnecessary.” – Frank L. Visco

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