Matter: Someone or Something That Occupies Space

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“Matter  is something that occupies space.”

January 18, 2012.

Wednesday morning, a typical day in school. We’re having our P.E. that day. I love P.E. classes. You may be thinking that I am athletic, hell no. I love it simply because our teacher lets us do anything we want during that period. We had some you know “lessons” but it’s just for legality or whatever. In short, our teacher doesn’t teach us anything. Cool huh?

During these period you can join: those athletic boys who play basketball, the gossip girls who.. gossips, or the video game and porn geeks. Actually me and my one friend doesn’t belong to any of these groups so we’re just walking around. Sometimes we watch the ball game or laugh with the gossip girls.

I don’t remember if we ever joined the geeks, but most of the time we’re just hanging out talking about bands and stuff or talking about the” gig that was supposed to happen but never did” with our teacher.

That day, it was pretty different. The geek (yes ,he’s alone that time because I think the other geek was absent. Have I mentioned that there’s just two of them?) is with the gossip girls and we kinda joined the girls that day, but I got pissed. I don’t know why, just my moodiness or maybe I wanted to have some peace and quiet because I have my notebook with me and I was in the mood to write something.

So I left the kubo where they were staying and sat on the bench at the playground alone. Finally… some peace and quiet. I breathed and enjoyed the January air. Cool, refreshing, and nostalgic. Best time to write. A lot of things were running inside my head, making it hard for me to decide what to write. So I just sat there, waiting for something to ignite the light bulb.

On the other bench, there was a Korean student and her tutor. They’re talking about science and I heard the tutor say, “As you can remember, matter is something that occupies space.” Ideas and sudden realizations rushed inside my mind. I grabbed my pen and let my hand do the writing.

What I’m writing on this article is what I have written that day. Edited for online version though because I have written it as a part of a story that I stopped working on.


 What is matter? In science, they say it is something that occupies space. I just realized that the “matter” that they’re talking about in science is the same as the  “matter” that we’re talking about when we’re not talking about science.

You know, like: “What’s the matter?” “He/she matters most.” “You matter to me.” They’re not different ;maybe that’s why they named it matter in science. I don’t know what came first though.

When someone or something matters to us, that someone or something occupies space in our hearts and lives. Someone you love, someone you care about, your parents, your friends, a gift, a sentimental gift, an expensive thing on which you spent your savings on, or maybe something that is passed on to you by your ancestors or something.

See what I mean? It occupies space. You can’t live without them, it’s what makes you YOU. All those people and things are part of you and they make you complete. They may be and are the reason you want to wake up every morning and the reason you have that smile or tears before you go to sleep.

But what if someone or something that matters to you goes away? What if a part of you, someone or something that occupies space in your life is taken away? That’s when we feel pain.

Imagine a physical part of you, let’s say a flesh in your hand or your actual hand, being ripped off without any anesthesia. Ouch. No, you wouldn’t say “ouch”, would you? You’ll probably say all the curse words and maybe even make up some of your own.

Pain. That’s why it hurts when our best friend betrays us or when our loved one tells us words we do not want to hear. It’s like a part of us rebels against us, like when you punch yourself. When someone or something goes, they leave a void in our life. What used to be the space they occupy is now a painful memory.

Something will be missing in your life and it is not fun and you wouldn’t feel complete unless someone or something replace the space that they occupy. But that is only if they “matter”. If someone or something doesn’t matter to you, it simply doesn’t take a place in your life. You wouldn’t care even if they go away. You may feel sympathy but not like the pain that someone who matters bring.”

author: iamfourstrings/simon vigan


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