Masked, Are We?

Mask (Photo credit : Meetup)

Good, Bad or Evil. We tend to disguise ourselves in one of it. We refuge our one self to another and try to put a mask that is much easier to wear. And the fact that we always seek for contentment and dependents shows so much proof that we’re still weak and undeniably selfish. Humans try to play a game that he knows very well that he can lose and hurt other gamers, but nonetheless pursue the end. How much selfish us can be? How much time do they have to believe that worms are snake. And world’s revolving is going to stop when they said so.

I grew with my surroundings with a lot of  bad reputations. Bad relatives but good friends. But In the end I chose not to hate them. Hating them is like cracking a stone that has stone within on it though I’m not giving up to pursue them in believing that there’s a way to get out of that black room. Nah, I’m not trying to be super-little-angel-trying-to-help-my-own-ass. Just setting them as an example for a narrow views. Aside from them, there’s a lot of things that I always notice anywhere I go, Like seeing beggars.

It hurts for me to see a child that is begging for their foods everyday. I mean, all of us do, right? But some people and the Government think that they should not be tolerated. I wonder why?

Because they said that may be some of them use it for bad things, some of them are lazy to get a job, some of them are kids that is abducted by the syndicate and using them as their puppets, some of them are parasites and some of them is useless. I believe in that but I still give them money. I certainly not tolerating them and not giving my money just because I wanted to. Whenever I give them I’m trying to measure their emotions by passing them and giving them a piece of money and see what will they do after. Simple, they never glance to me after I gave them some of it.

Frustrating, but that’s life. But ’till then I decided not to hate them because not all of them are not the same. Practically not. Some are disguising and some does really need a money and doesn’t have any choice. I believe giving them a bit of your treasure will not really hurt you. Good or Bad, we should learn to help people  around us.

Do you know why beggars are born? Because the equality of our treasure is not stable. There are a lot of poor but few rich people. And take note these few rich people is not normal, they are millionaires. and the money that should be revolving all over the nation does not, because it is stuck with them and doesn’t want to share it. What’s the use of having a TV program to help someone? If you can just give them away without making it hard? Because of the two reasons. One is that you really don’t want to share and the money still will be all yours even if there is or there’s no any winners. It is bad for us to think that we treat them like some parasites and filthy beggars but don’t you think it is your fault, too? Because you don’t want to share from the start.

What I mean is that don’t tolerate them but at the same time learn three things. One is Helping doesn’t mean tolerating, it is your means of giving them a chance for their selves to have another brand new life. Two is that you don’t have to believe on what other people say, learn to believe in your own perceptions. Three is show some contentment and share  your extras to some people who really needs it.

Beggars are one of the people who I will truly said is masked. They are described by groups but doesn’t know them one by one. Don’t be a classicism. All of us has true faces behind masks. I do have also. So try to be polite and broaden your minds.

Sorry for the bad English. Amen.

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