Lucky or unlucky?

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There’s a beggar in the park who was watching the child eating his bountiful snacks . He tried to ask for a few of them, but the child’s mom shouted at him. He  was pushed away and shouted to go back where he came from.

He walked away slowly from them, holding his hungry tummy.  With no choice, he  went back to his place  under the  narra tree, extended  his arms  to those people who passeby  him. He beg patiently and said “please, even for a coin” to be dropped in his can. At last, he was able to buy a slice of bread for his breakfast.

Suddenly, he heard a child crying. When he turned his head, he saw the child holding his tummy and crying out loud while a lady touched his back, comforting him. He just listened and he learned that the child has stomach ache. The mother was scolding his son for eating all his snacks. He saw them leaving hurriedly.  Then the beggar remembered;  it was the lady and the boy whom he approached earlier to ask for some foods. He smiled bitterly.

As his eyes landed on the ground, he saw all the trashes and bottle of soft drinks were thrown on the pathway. He can’t imagine himself living in a very dirty place, so without a  second thought, he picked all the trashes then put it in the proper bin. He read the label of each bin. He fllt satisfaction from what he did. Even how simple it was, he knows he’s doing his role as what Creator asked us what to do to His creation.

He went to sit on a vacant bench, but when he was about to sit he reached for the newspaper on the other side. Maybe, someone had left it there, he thought.

There were words  he can’t read, so he asked help from one vendor to read it for him.

It popped out to his mind that he bought a lottery ticket yesterday. He checked and……he jumped and shouted happily…the ticket matched to the lotto results found in one section of the newspaper.

Life is really unpredictable. We either get lucky or unlucky. And that’s called FATE.

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