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Love a Girl Who Writes

Writing Girl (Photo Credit: Bookaholicsanonymousonline)
Writing Girl (Photo Credit: Bookaholicsanonymousonline)

Love a girl who writes.

Love a girl who spends her time trying to look for words to tell you how she feels. She’ll try to flip the pages of a dictionary, or even search the web, sometimes go through a few pages of a book. Then end up writing stuff she didn’t find there, all because her heart really knew what she was supposed to say.

Writing Girl   (Photo Credit:    Bookaholicsanonymousonline)
Writing Girl (Photo Credit: Bookaholicsanonymousonline)

Love a girl who sits down with a pen and paper, trying to scribble out a few lines of a poem for you. She’ll even stay up late at night, just because she couldn’t sleep without being able to have put into words what she really feels about you. She’ll strike out all wrong words, all the wrong ideas, because she believes you deserve perfection.

Buy her a piece of notebook. Or better yet a beautiful journal. She will fill it with random thoughts. Random thoughts of you.

Love a girl who would try to write a song for you. She doesn’t care if you will hear her song, or the words, or what she wants to tell you. She just wants to put into words her sentiments about you. She doesn’t need any compliment about what she wrote. Because she knows she did it out of love.

Read her works without her telling you. She’ll be very thrilled. Appreciate every single work she did, she’ll love you more for it. Try to tell her what else to write, give her more ideas, motivate her to continue her passion. She’ll never let you go.

Love a girl who writes. She’ll write every sweet thing you said, and keep it in a notebook. She’ll even list down things she likes about you, the things you like, and the things she wishes you would do together. You may fall apart, but the words she wrote for you are forever. Time won’t erase it. Unlike the feelings you once had.

Love a girl who writes. Even a girl who blogs. She’ll spends hours typing, and trying to think of what to tell you without even mentioning your name. She knows it’s for you from the moment she typed the first letter, until she clicks on “Post.” She’ll gladly waste her time surfing the internet for a post, a photo or the lyrics of a song. She might even create typographic with thoughts about you, and the possibility of you two. All because she wants to capture all her thoughts. And all that’s in her blog, is an outpour of emotions, of words unsaid to you, but she would like the whole world to know. All because she loves you.

Believe me, she’ll even create a blog for you. Posting letters for you, pictures of you, and what she feels about you. Whether it be public or private

Usually girls who write, well, they are not so hard to please. Just a stroll in the park would do, or a simple picnic. Try to surprise her once in a while though, write her a short note of how amazing you think she is. Better yet give her a personalized and handwritten card. She’ll appreciate your effort. Give her gifts with cards in it, she’ll keep it until the end. All because everything you’ve handwritten, matters so much more.

In the middle of class, or a very boring day, she’ll find herself scribbling down your name, drawing little hearts around it. She’ll randomly think of you at any time of the day. And write down whatever she thinks will be worth reading. Probably a quote, a two paragraph essay, or even a short poem. She’ll write and doodle, and scribble and pen something, maybe not all of it will be about love, or about you. But most of it will be.

It isn’t easy, but love a girl who writes. It may take her hours, and hours to tell you how she really feels you. It may take her minutes to reply to your message, or your chat, but it’s just because she is trying to carefully choose her words, and let you know that you deserve the best words, because you are the best for her. Once her mind has decided that she likes or loves you, then every single word from her, will be probably about you.

She will spend her money on books, pens and papers. Let her. She’s doing it to express herself better.

She’ll write on a piece of paper, even a table napkin, just to remember that day and what her thoughts were about you. She’ll either keep it in her wallet, or tell you to keep it. All because she wants to remember that day.

Unexpectedly, you’ll find yourself wanting to write, even a little something for her. That’s how powerful her words are. Her writings will move you, will change you and at the same time, will make you love her more.

The thing about a girl who writes is, whatever happens, she will write. And when she puts it on paper, or up on the internet, that memory of you will be forever. Whatever happens between the two of you, the memory will live on. Because at that moment of her life, she put it into words. And once she put it into words, she will never forget it.

When she’s writing something, do not disturb her. She wants to concentrate. Because once all her thoughts have been organized, it will be easy to distract her. And don’t even think about doing it, because she’ll get mad at you. Let her drown herself with her emotions. The result will be a masterpiece.

If you find a girl who loves to write, never let her go. She’ll spend her whole lifetime writing about you, trying to surprise you once in a while. Even sweeping you of your feet, even if you’re the guy. She might even write a book about you, and how your love has lasted. You will be happy with her, you will smile at every word she writes. She will think of the most awesome way to say something to you, and you’ll never find her boring. She will come up with something crazy, all because she believes that although words remain to be her best friend, still actions speak louder than them. Every day is a chance for her to prove how much she loves you.

Love a girl who writes. Because words are timeless. And her love is, too.

author:  rpbrelova


About rpbrelova

19 year old frustrated royalty taking up BS Information Technology. Music is my true love, but writing is my first love. I play with words, but my feelings mess around with them.
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