Kahit Hindi Mayaman, Basta Mabait

The Man I love (Photo credit Imagequotes.tumblr)
The Man I love (Photo credit Imagequotes.tumblr)
The Man I love   (Photo credit     Imagequotes.tumblr)
The Man I love (Photo credit Imagequotes.tumblr)

It is one of the dreams of  any girl to feel that she is treasured and loved so much.  Such as, courted by a guy who will bring flowers and chocolates. A guy will hold her hand and make her feel  secured. This is what I missed.

Men really have different qualities. Some men will spend so much for flowers, chocolate and groceries for all the members in the family but at the end, relationships can go WRONG.

But this ONE that I chose to be with is different. I didn’t receive those material things that I mentioned. But I am still proud of the way he wooed me.  He cooked food for us.  He won the  hearts of everybody in my  family through his talent in cooking.  Despite his profession, I didn’t realize that he could do  those.

I could feel his sincerity and that’s what I look for. That’s how sweet he is.  I  saw in his actions the kind of care that I looked for in any suitors that I had. The most important trait I have seen in him, is being HUMBLE.  Being boastful of himself was never  his way of life.  Why did I say this so?  He is so simple.  Simplicity is his virtue. Every morning and every night or very frequently, my cellular phone would beep and as expected, he is the one sending simple messages which melts my heart.

He is a CARING guy that I will love to spend my remaining days with.  These characteristics make him so romantic. And these characteristics made me fall in love with him.  Without so much questioning, I chose him among others. He is the kind of  man that I promised  myself  to have forever.

He may not have this kind of luxuries in  life such as cars,  mansions and trillions of cash,  but I know in his arms, the kind of married life and family that  wish for will come true and we shall live together happily ever after.

author:  Maricel



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