Just My Opinion: the Aftermath of an issue – the Manila Hostage Crisis (v. 2010)

English: The bus of 2010 Manila hostage crisis...
English: The bus of 2010 Manila hostage crisis with a Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Bus unit was imported from Japan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is my initial take on the issue regarding the Manila hostage bus crisis happened August 23, 2010. Originally written on October 9, 2010 on my personal blog site (http://nestor092890.blogspot.com). However, I am planned to come up with another and much better take on this issue once I hit up the investigative materials that one of my college friends gave me, and I will put the said article on the Filipino language soon. Thanks for understanding.

It started from a simple city tour and ended up on a catastrophic night.

It all happened the entire day of Monday, August 23, 2010 and the stage was unintentionally set at the Quirino Grandstand in the City of Manila, but this is not a typical television drama.

It was full of action and suspense, in fact. But this time, no stunts or what-so-ever props. It’s plain police versus suspect plot and bullets and blood are displayed almost everywhere inside the Hong Thai Travel bus that parked on the road occupying the grandstand.

Anyone whom heard the live feeds on radio and saw the live fotages on television would have been in totally different and unexplained emotions at that time. And it all boiled down to this disastrous finish. Really, a disastrous one.

A certain Rolando Mendoza hijacked the bus that contained numerous Hong Kong andChinese nationals whom were touring around Manila (and it was supposedly their last day of staying here in the country); He ended up killing 8 of them after witnessing his brother getting arrested (and apparently Greg attempted to resist it but to no avail) by the Manila Police District live on television. And after that almost two high-tensed hours, Mendoza was killed by the MPD’s SWAT team after numerous failure attempts of controlling the situation, on a heavy rainy Monday night.

Since then, Hong Kong blacklisted RP the first thing after the crisis and days later sent a letter to President Benigno Simeon Aquino III.

Then few weeks later, the case was still under investigation through the Senate hearings. And pointing fingers are shown in any almost every corner of this case. In every angle of the story… in every side of the said conflict.

Well, it’s been like 7 weeks since the tragedy (as of original post time seen at the bottom part of this post) and the issue was hardly seen or heard.

But this is just my opinion and the question is: WHO’S TO BLAME?

It’s hard to make any comment on this issue though perhaps some of notable choices are… Primarily the negotiator and saly, it includes some of the city’s lead personnel. Well I was wondering why he should put to blame. Maybe because of the lapses occurred during the negotiation period and too bad I can’t recall the name of the chief negotiator on the part of Police (since this issue is quite dead already.)

The police department. On an atroicous comment, like any of the people I talked with regarding this issue…  they should have gone better, especially for the people assigned to the Special Weapons and Tactics. No wonder why Filipinos are making fun of them on their acronyms. And one more thing: The police failed to keep the crowd away.  So, “crowd control” was totally absent on the scenario.

However, some citizens should be blamed, too. The police had committed their mistake already, and yet these idiots still make fun of them instead of to feel sorry for the HK Nationals. What if that bus-jacking incident happened on you? Will you still do make fun of them? Would you feel the same way as what the victims have been through.

I know there are issues which Filipinos pointed out against Hong Kong, but too bad. It’s not part of that trend anymore. Ain’t that a bullshit kind?

National Government (huh?!). They say President Aquino had  been accountable during the hostage drama since he was the head of the state.  Yes, the so-called “command responsibility.

But come on, there’s somebody whom had been assigned at this certain case, right?

Well, he apologized though I believe that there’s somebody who should say “sorry” than him. And not to mention, he’s only 2 months in his position. But still though.

Media. Another big BLUNDER (or foolish mistake) aside from the police. It is clear though, that they cover the entire story out of their possible scoops, agendas and whatsoever. However, that’s part of their job? Why should blame them? There are limits per se, even to the highest times like what happened on that crime incident. Well, ethical standards speaking.

The media should learn to self-regulate. And by regulating means knowing where to delay the live feeds, be sensitive to the issue, delay delivering the news, etc. As simple as that.

However, I would rather think that this dispute should be over, and in fact it is after almost 2 years. Let’s move forward and learn from our mistakes so that we may be able not to repeat the bad side of history again, even on the different date and event. And please, STOP POINTING FINGERS AND SHOUT ACCUSING NAMES TO THE OTHER.

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