Just in Time for New Year… Wisdom

There are times that we feel so down, things do not go the way we wanted or we planned them to be. We laid all the cards, thinking it’s the best combination when it’s actually not. We see ourselves growing old with someone, and suddenly the love fades away, and do not know how to pick up every piece of us. We give our best shot but it seems that the dream will never come true.
These are the times that test us and test our wisdom…
Some gives up and chooses what they think the easiest way, quitting. Some still strive to stand up and willing to do everything again, from scratch.
Sometimes, we dwell so much in pain, and we refuse to use our reasons. We are so focused in the small black dot on a sheet of paper that we are missing to see the spaces that we can still use. We can’t see the forest for the trees.
Life is so short to spend it with the negative and superficial as destructive emotions. At times, being human, it’s alright to feel the bitterness, to feel angry, to feel mad, and feel regretful. But do not stay for so long, do not stick with these emotions that you will live with these, and let these be your masters, dictating you what to do, and as a slave, pleases the master by following his orders.
These emotions though negative, if properly dealt with, will polish us to be a better person.

If you are done with a relationship that you think the worst ever existed in this world, be grateful for the wake-up calls. Be grateful of what you have now, be grateful and enjoy the happiness the new relationship brings, this is all anew… but limit yourself and do not say that this new relationship is the best. For you cannot say that a movie is better than others until you completely watched it and know how it ends… For there are things that feel so great at the beginning and only in the beginning.

Give rebirth to all the ruptured relationship after your time of healing, but try to make the healing fast. Remember that you do not have the luxury of time, for you do not know when will death come and steal your life, or steal another person’s life with whom you had the ruptured relationship. After reopening the communication or after informing the person that you have forgiven him, you may deal with your life a lot better than before. You do not have to keep in touch, but just give the person the peace of mind; its one of the best treats life can offer that no money can buy.
Sometimes, we do not need someone to ask first for our forgiveness before we grant the plea, for he who truly forgives and let go of the pain and hatred, benefits more than the one who have sinned...
Life is good, though sometimes it seems so unfair. We got choices but it is not absolute, for fate also works in a very stealth way.
Remember that whatever you have written in the page of your life can never be deleted, but can be corrected.
That’s the reason why everyday is a clean slate, a chance to start things again, with avoidance on whatever mistakes we did.
Live life square, endure the pain as you enjoy the blessings..
Live each day with goal of giving happiness to people around you.
Live each day, full of love, full of dreams, and full of hope…


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