It’s Not Too Late To Say “Mama, I Love you,”

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Your Mother is the greatest woman ever existed in this world and that’s a fact. She suffered nine months long just to give you the chance to see the world and live. She sacrificed the things that make her happy just to give you everything that you need even though she’s empty. She loves you so much, did you know that? What did you do in return?

She wakes up early in the morning to prepare your food even though she’s still sleepy and not feeling well.

She checks you everyday if you’re okay but did you ever checked her too?

Every time she gives long boring sermon, you don’t listen because you think she’s wrong. You keep on correcting her because you thought you know better, that you are right. Grow up! Who are you righteous and smart to talk that way and shout on her? You don’t have the right and you’ll never have that right. You know nothing. You don’t know how it feels for you don’t care for her feelings. Please don’t let her cry again.

She may not be perfect, she may not provide all your stupid wants because she’s a human too, and she has limitations. But one thing is for sure, she loves you whoever you are, whatever you do and she only wanted to give you all the best she can give.

When was the last time you told her, “I love you,”? When was the last time you thanked her, hugged her and kissed her? When was the last time you asked sorry? When was the last time you asked her if she’s okay, yesterday? Last week? Last year? Did you? Really, When?

She’s not living forever, the time is running and you’ll never know when will be her last time. Please take some courage, I know you’re such a coward to do this but please, do.

I am challenging you to GO, CALL her, TEXT her, EMAIL her, or whatever. Thank her for everything that she have done for you, ask for an apology for all the bad things that you do unto her and tell her that you LOVE her and if you can, please do hug and kiss her because it means a lot. Please make her happy for she really deserves to be happy.

Mama, Mamang, Mommy, Mamita, Mamo, Nene, Nanay. . .
It’s not too late to say “Mama, I Love You.”

Photo by Tanel Teemusk

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