It’s Not Over, Even When You Leave

Long Distance Love (Photo Credit:
Long Distance Love
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When I look into your eyes, I see your very core, all the sadness and emotions you keep. I want to caress your face, memorize every contour, and feel the warmth of your cheeks. I want to kiss and taste the sweetness of your tender lips. I want to put my arms around you, hold you so tight, and feel I have nothing to fear. I’m safe with you. And I don’t want to let go. I hope this moment would last forever. That the night won’t turn into day. But I know this won’t be for long, we won’t be together for long.

You have to leave and work in another country. The clock is ticking away too fast. You have to embark on your new journey, without me by your side. How can we withstand the lack of precious moments together? Promise me that we would communicate constantly via Skype. Text me whenever you can. I want you to tell me everything. All your sad stories and happy ones. I also promise to be faithful and to patiently wait for your return.

I have to fight the feelings of being devastated without you.  The feelings that we share are too powerful, but we have to stay strong.  It’s all for the best. If we allow ourselves to be consumed by loneliness, then we won’t be able to move forward and get on with our lives. There are things you’ve got to do, without me. We need to see a bigger world. See how things would unravel, when we’re apart.

It is Love that gives me trust and hope, when little things go wrong. When distance stands between us, it is Love that will keep me strong.

I just hope that in the end , we will be together again,  and I hope that this is not really over. We can manage this. In the end, we will be united.

author:  mariands

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