Are Filipino Dramas Worth Watching?

(Coffee Prince Photo credit: orangemagazinetv)
(Coffee Prince Photo credit: orangemagazinetv)
(Coffee Prince Photo credit: orangemagazinetv)

Apologies for the fans of  teleseryes, but before you attack me with your pitchforks, please allow me to vent my dismay (since I need to minimize my thoughts in 300 words).

Filipino Dramas lack  originality and following the same old cliché, not to mention making remakes is solely the reason  of my dissatisfaction.

May Bukas Pa and Budoy starts a very unique and a strong plot. At last! Something new on the primetime–a different genre, a drama about life, faith, hope, and religion. But what makes it bad is when the writers prolong the story especially when the drama got a high rating. Yes I mean it,  prolooooooooooong the story that it became too forced, the endings were similarly rushed and writers don’t know how to end the story anymore. Result? They throw every possible conflicts in the story, plotlines become really ridiculous, out of reality and say hello to lousy endings, therefore the substance of the story became  insignificant and shallow—Walang Hanggan.

Most of the dramas’ themes are about partial nudity, sex, betrayal, social status, physical and verbal abuse. Sadly, quality or the tightness of the  story is not the priority of the networks, a very low standard has already been set and frequent viewers accept it.

Is it because we have few writers to make a unique story? Or is it because of the producers? Or the networks that are greedy and force the show to run overstretched stories in order to keep it on air? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Filipino dramas. It’s  depressing when you know that there is a new generation of film makers out there and waiting for their turn. Hopefully this new filmmakers will change the industry, change the norm and surpass the mediocrity.

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