Into the Minds of Serial Killers

Serial killers (Photo credit: whenthefreakscomeout)
Serial killers (Photo credit: whenthefreakscomeout)

I don’t know why I’m fascinated with the lives of serial killers. Maybe because they are a lot different from most of us. I am also interested on how their minds work. I want to take a peek into their twisted world.  But of course, I loathe them, and I don’t want to be a victim.

Serial killers (Photo credit: whenthefreakscomeout)
Serial killers (Photo credit: whenthefreakscomeout)

But we have to admit, in movies and television, they always feature serial killers, and people are curious about them.

In the movies that I saw, the most popular serial killer character would be Hannibal Lecter.  Empire Magazine lists the character as the 5th  Greatest Movie Character of All-Time.

So, I wonder. What are the common profiles of serial killers?

  • Most killers are sexually dysfunctional, and have low self-esteem. They get pleasure and euphoria from torturing and killing people. This is part of  the elaborate fantasy of their disturbed minds.
  • They generally murder strangers with cooling periods in between. Their killings are usually sadistic in nature.
  • Their usual victims are prostitutes. hitchhikers and drifters. It also includes women and children.
  • Most serial killers grew up in violent households.
  • As youngsters, they enjoyed torturing animals, and are chronic bed-wetters.
  • Most serial killers have some type of brain damage, and are addicted to alcohol and drugs.
  • Some are medical professionals who are self-appointed “Angels of Death.”

How can we protect ourselves from being victims of these serial killers?

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Be alert.  If someone is following you, go to a police station or to an area with many people.
  • Don’t talk to strangers and give out personal information. Set some security features in your public profiles like Facebook.
  • Let someone know where you are going, especially for young children and teenagers.
  • Equip yourself with some sort of protection when you are in the confines of your home. Everything should be locked especially at night, and make sure you have an escape route in your home. You’ll never know if you’ll need one. Put security alarms too.
  • Educate your children and family members. Teach them how to use emergency numbers and ways they can protect themselves.
  • If you are out at a dark place without anyone at your presence, bring a type of protection that is small and not obvious, like  pepper spray. They could disable the killer ,and you can run away easily.

We should always have the presence of mind to know if we are in danger or not. We should not trust other people easily especially if we don’t really know the person. We should not appear vulnerable or weak.



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