Inspirational Acts Over the Raging Flood in Manila

Floods (Photo Credit : Tristancafe)

Filipinos despite the gloomy situation brought by the floods in Manila have still managed to be positive and inspirational.

Other areas of national capital region were hit by the floods now, but help from different generous individuals also pour for the flood victims. The spirit of unity is once again exhibited by the concerned citizens.

Also the big media networks contributed a significant effort in calling other Filipinos to help them in many other ways. More than anything else we need so much each other this time. The rescue made by the soldiers, policemen and other ordinary folks was manifestation of a heroic deed. They are willing to take risk in order to help their fellowmen. It means there are always hope.

One  morning while I was updating my Twitter, I get hooked on the photos I have seen because there are people have taken photos wearing smiles on their faces despite the invasion of flood in their houses. I mean those people are very inspirational to me in spite of raging flood that caused them so much. They are still optimistic beings. There was even a photo caption that says Flood. It is more fun in the Philippines.

I do not intent to put in a comic stance about the ongoing flood in Metro Manila. What I mean is to let other people know that they should not be consumed by their problems to the extent of getting depression. Make use of your resources or anything around you as a mean for you to be happy. Get inspiration around you to lift up your mood from unpleasant instances.

We know how difficult the flood victims are going through now. We can also extend help for calamity affected residents in Manila. Just contact any relevant institutions or station networks for you to give donations in kind or cash. We can also include them in our prayers for them not to give up and continue living. Let us all ask for a divine intervention that the flood will soon be vanished away.
God bless the Philippines.

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