I’m Tired of Living My Life Like This

Girl on Sunset

I‘m growing tired and weary of being sad and blue
Most days I just think of putting an end to this life full of woe.

The tormenting pain is ripping my heart to pieces
I‘m not even sure if I’d manage to pull through this crisis.
Rivers of tears I have shed may well be enough to fill an arid land
Endless rivulets continue to flow each time I turn off the nightstand.
Did you ever feel this tired and weary,
Of the never ending trials that you can’t seem to carry?
Feels like I’m getting old before my time.”
Line from Robbie Williams’ Better Man that I often mime.
In my lifetime, I tried my best to be good
Visualized all life’s offerings in a positive mood.
I implored His guidance in everything I do
Never to let obstacles stop me from getting to my Xanadu.
God gave me all I needed in my quest for joy and contentment
My guess now is that I’ve done not enough to seize the moment, so
Years of dreaming and persevering have just all gone wasted.
Life, how could you be so cruel to me?
I only wanted to be happy, I think everyone wants to be.
Forgive me for saying this, but I guess you bruised me so
Ending all my hopes and aspirations with a very hard blow.
Living life in gloom has never brought anyone a pleasant feeling
I myself felt the same and it didn’t go fleeting.
Knocking me down so often that I ended up this broken. But I’m
Enduring all the pains and just trying to be strong and hardbitten.
Time will come when I will leave this world,
Hope when I look back I’d see a glint of my past that’s gone good.
In the end, with my head up high, I could say then:
Screw you, LIFE! You still didn’t have me beaten!”

(The beginning letters of each phrase makes up he title.)

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