If Only the Rain Could Explain Itself

Rain (Photo Credit: Abelsjk.wordpress)
Rain (Photo Credit: Abelsjk.wordpress)
Rain   (Photo Credit:    Abelsjk.wordpress)
Rain (Photo Credit: Abelsjk.wordpress)

Hi, it’s me, Rain!  In the Philippines you call me various names, different name each time I visit. You even pattern the names in the English alphabet. Yeah, right now I am pouring down real hard and everyone’s bad-mouthing me. I even heard you curse me. A lot of you did.

I am rain. The one that which flooded the roads, uprooted the trees, caused road accidents. I am the killer and all other accusations you throw at me. To you I am but a disaster and I take away lives. I am the murderer. I am that which made your precious toes soaked in dirty waters. I took away your precious time by causing heavy traffic. I might also be that which who killed your plants, your pets, or worse your loved one.

How lowly you think of me. How cruel you think of what I am and what I do to you.

I am rain. Sometimes I pour lightly, at times I pour hard. I like watering the plants. Seeing the world green from afar delights me. How I love it when the farmers are happy because of productive crops–tons and tons of rice, corn, potatoes, and stuff for you to eat and survive. I like seeing families get together when I join them for dinner. I love how everyone exchanges warm hugs and kisses when I come.

The whole time I kept thinking I was born to help mankind. However, our great Creator told me I am more than that.

He told me I am meant to teach you. I was born to teach you NOT about impatience, cursing, anger, and all the filthy things you made of yourself. I am here to open your eyes to the things you fail to see, and until you begin seeing that and learning what I had to teach you, I WILL KEEP COMING.

You can keep bad-mouthing all you want. but I will keep coming. I will keep coming because I love you, guys.


That which you hate the most,


author:  twentysomething

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