I Stand

Blood drops (Photo credit: earthmy)
Blood drops (Photo credit: earthmy)

I heard sirens from the cops! “That’s my Que!”,  I quickly threwmy cigar out the window, started the engine, and followed the cops into the projects. What a night to follow a story. The rain just won’t stop, and the night is as cold as my wife. Why couldn’t I get a real day job?

Blood drops (Photo credit: earthmy)
Blood drops (Photo credit: earthmy)

Anyhow, the cops are pulling in. Awww, sh*t!!! A kid this time. I’d say about 17 to 19. Poor child. I’d seen it – all kinds of horror, but kids, I can’t take. I’d say this is another robbery. We better start cracking with the camera.

I think I got all the right shots. Now, time to get the details from my dear old buddy Chino.

“Hey Chino! So what’s the scoop?”, I shouted.

“Don’t Chino me, Chris! It’s lieutenant Garcia to you!”, he replied.

“Alright! Alright Chino! You know I always take care of you. So give me a break. C’mon! Tell me what happened to this kid?”, I asked.

He explained, “Well, it’s a typical robbery. No wallet. No phone. No ID. Stripped down to his shoes. Just one shot to his chest. I don’t get it with these hoodlums. They already robbed you, and still kill you. Poor kid.”

“Oh my god! He’s still breathing!”, one of the officers shouted.

Everyone rushed to the boy’s aid right away and took off to the hospital.

“Hang on, kid.” , I said to myself. I do hope he survives. I then lighted another cigarette. Another day, another dollar. Jesus. To my surprise, I was the only one left in the crime scene. These cops are really that stupid. So I looked around for more details to my story, but I found nothing. Just the kid’s blood and the rain flowing into the gutter.

I guess I’d better go back to the streets for more action. I threw my cigar to the trash. And it didn’t make it. To think I was a college varsity. So I tried to pick it up. However, I found something else. Jackpot! Could be a clue. Sh*t! I really do a better job than our own incompetent officers.

Anyway, it was an old book. Torn and wet. There were blood stains. Couldn’t make out what kind of book it was though.

I then headed to the hospital where the kid’s at. Inside his room, there were no cops. The man standing next to the bed must be his dad. And the child is talking to him. Whoa! What exactly happened? Last thing I remember was a drop dead child kissing the pavement.

So I introduced myself to the father and to the kid. And asked why the police are all gone. The father told me that they just want to be alone for the next hour. The police will come back in the morning. I didn’t want to intrude but the kid saw the book I was holding. He smiled and took it from me. He showed it to his dad and said, “This is the book that saved me!”.

I then asked, “Probably. But exactly how did you survive the gun shot? What did the doctors say? I saw you dead.”

He then spilled out the whole story.

“You know this book has saved me many times in my life, but I never knew it would save me like this. Anyway, it was raining last night. I had no jacket or an umbrella. This book is a gift for my friend. So I hid it inside my shirt and headed into the storm. Three blocks I ran then two men came out of nowhere. I knew it was a hold up. Gave everything. However, it wasn’t enough. They asked what I’m hiding inside my shirt, and I should give that too. Before I can react, he already shot me. I dropped to the cement and heard them saying I was stupid for hiding an old junk like that. Last thing I saw is they threw it away and ran away with a motorbike. Thank God! I survived. Now the doctors told me this is just a flesh wound. Could you believe that?”

I was amazed how lucky this kid is. I can’t help but wonder what novel or textbook it is. That will be a great title for my scoop!

So I asked him, “That’s one hell of a story kid! But I’m glad you survived. That’s all that matters. By the way what’s the name of book? I could use it for my story.”

He smiled at me and said, “Mr. Reporter. You’re making me laugh. Don’t you recognize the bible?”

author: Seiki


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