I Remember The Boys

Boys in my Life (Photo Credit: Theunlocker.co.uk)
Boys in my Life (Photo Credit: Theunlocker.co.uk)
Boys in my Life  (Photo  Credit:      Theunlocker.co.uk)
Boys in my Life (Photo Credit: Theunlocker.co.uk)

Hay… ang pag-ibig nga naman. It’s really unpredictable. Balik-tanaw nga ako.

Tandang-tanda ko pa nung first time  na tumibok ang aking puso. It was more of puppy love at first. It was young love, sweet love talaga. He was not exactly cute but he was smart  at mukhang  hindi gagawa ng mali. Di talaga naging kami pero I remember the sweetness. The panakaw-nakaw stares, the shy smile and the feel of his warms hands while we were holding hands.

The second one was more mature pero he was seldom available and I have to admit I got bored. Pero I was really impressed with his dancing skills. Alam mo naman ako madaling ma-impress and he seems sociable and fun loving.

The third one was really the first of its kind. That’s when I learned about romance and being treated like a princess. There was definitely goosebumps and my heart was leaping. The feeling was euphoric. Maybe because this was my first serious relationship but since we had different plans in life, we didn’t end up with each other.

The fourth one was the longest one.  I thought we would end up together, I guess too much familiarity breeds contempt. But I guess we both have memorable moments and travels together. We grew up with each other. There was this transition from being carefree to being mature. But in the end, we just got tired of each other.  When things got serious, that’s when we had misgivings. We were so used to having fun and enjoying each other’s company.  When the time came when we really need to stop and think, if the relationship was going anywhere, that’s when we discovered that our relationship was not for keeps.

I suddenly realized that a serious relationship needs hard work. We need to accept each other . The whole package. We should accept our strengths and weaknesses. There was a time when we were away from each other, that’s when the relationship turned sour. He told me I didn’t have enough time for him, but I was too busy working. That’s when he found another.

Trust and commitment is really important in a relationship. Togetherness is not enough. We can be far away from each other but what’s important is that we still have this sense of commitment.

Presently, my heart is still resting, although there’s someone who makes me smile every now and then.  But I learned a lot of things from my previous relationships. There should be  not only love but commitment as well. After some time, the fun and games would soon stop. Both of you should stop to think if there’s a direction in your relationship. The two of you should  try to envision each other in a long term relationship to know if you are really meant to be together.

After all, there is a saying that: “Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.”

author:   mariands


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