I Like the Pinoy

Pinoy (Photo Credit : Facebook)
Pinoy (Photo Credit : Facebook)

 Pinoy   (Photo Credit  :    Facebook) I like the Pinoy.  I like their creativity.  I like the way they concocted the word Pinoy from Filipino, the Kano from Amerikano, Pondyaps for the Japanese and Tsekin for the Chinese.  I like their wits and their quickness to invent portmanteaux like “P-Noyfor President Noynoy, “Noybi” for Noynoy and Binay and “Villaroyo” for Villar and Arroyo. I like the way they call a siren “Wangwang.”

I like their attempts to create their own caste, nobler than the Tsinoy, not realizing that most of them have Chinese genes in their blood, and many of the lowly Tsinoy of the olden times are now billionaires and is responsible for a great part of the country’s economy.

I like the Pinoy.  I like the way they look at Maria Clara as an epitome of the Filipina womanhood when Maria Clara is an Spanish influence.  Basing on her name itself, Maria Clara is an Española.

I like the Pinoy, the way they criticize things, seemingly knowing almost everything, but when given the opportunity to straighten things does nothing.  I like the Pinoy.  I like the way they laugh at themselves and remain as they were so they can continue laughing at their misfortunes.

I like the Pinoy. I like the sight of their garbage below the sign “Bawal magtapon ng basura dito!” I like the stink on the wall with writings that say “Bawal umihi dito!”  I like the Pinoy motorists who ignore pedestrian lanes and pedestrians crossing on highways. I like the Pinoy climbing on buses and boarding through windows in crowded bus terminals. I like the Pinoy who hates to stand in line.

I like the Pinoy who depend their lives on the government and politicians and blaming them for their poverty without doing anything to improve their existence.

I like the Pinoy.  I like the Pinoy to change.  And, I like that change to stay, not like the change created by EDSA, which is now like Bakya ni Neneng…”Luma at kupas na!”

author:   Gilbert Miranda


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Former Provincial Board Member and International Relations and Trade Officer of the Province of Laguna. Now retired but wishing to be rehired. Artist and occasional writer.
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