I caused minor traffic trying to save a kitten

FB_IMG_1435120790547On my way home from work I chanced upon a kitten slowly crossing in front of my car along Sucat Road.

Motorists were in a rush at that time but I could not move because I knew that even if I would be able to avoid it, it will probably be ran over by other vehicles. So I stopped and pressed the hazzard signal, but the kitten walked towards my car, all the more that I had no guts to move.

Drivers behind me were blowing their horns and I felt really pressured. A man in an SUV slowly passed to my right, rolled his window down, looked down, smiled and told me, “There is a kitten under your car. You want to get it?”

I said, “Yes”.

The gentleman parked his car in front of mine and put it into hazzard mode. Just when he got off his car, two traffic patrollers came then one of them was able to grab the kitten under my car. He placed it on his motor vehicle and smiled.

I know that it was such a weak moment for me. A couple of times I have seen lifeless, unattended cats and even dogs on highways and it breaks my heart anew each and every time. Even more disappointing is the fact that some motorists have every chance to let them cross safely but chooses not to out of plain convenience and of the thinking that, well, they’re just stray animals. But then again, I have always believed that being a pro-life is always worth it. Sometimes it takes a little compassion and effort to put in your fair share in humanity.

Make it your mantra to once in a while jump out of your comfort zone and be a good samaritan to another, be it a human or an animal. Life itself will reward you for it.

About Marie Amis

Certified Public Accountant, Law Student at San Beda College Alabang School of Law, Bank Officer at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, 27 years old, Graduated College from DLSU Manila with a Bachelors Degree in Accountancy, Graduated High School from St. Scholastica's College Manila
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