I am pro RH BILL

I am pro RH Bill although I do not contradict the wisdom of “the more, the merrier”. I do not believe in overpopulation although I believe there is a problem with the population.

The ultimate reason why I want Filipinos to gain access to modern birth control methods is that I want every Filipino child to be born into the world with opportunities. Every child is a parent’s responsibility. People are saying that babies are being viewed as extra expense and not anymore the romantic “bundle-of-joy” but we have to face the fact that these “bundles-of-joy” won’t feed themselves, they need to be educated, to be well-clothed and roofed – all of these require resources.
Yes, babies are adorable. The problem is I would rather not see a cute, helpless baby face a future of nothingness because being the nth child in the family, no one could buy him/her education, spare him/her a good spot to sleep on, feed him/her healthy food. That is inhuman.

Its hard to say this, but I would prefer not seeing a baby at all than see a beautiful miracle suffering through life, having less opportunities.

And yes, the population cannot affect the economy of a nation. I believe so – but when the population starts to ask from the government more than it can give, if the population multiplies itself without earning the proper resources to sustain it, the population and the government will turn into mush and that is exactly what is happening.

Parents, both unemployed, give birth to their millionth child. If they can’t even feed the ones already there, how will they manage to give this one a happy life? They start asking the government for this and that. In this setting, its impossible to understand that the government doesn’t work by spoon-feeding the masses, it only manages the improvement of the populace which it is a part of.

Currently, we are following an unsustainable system. The poor asks for money, the government gives what it can. Quick fix. Instead of teaching a man how to fish, we give him half of a fish then call him poor.

I was boggled by how this RH Bill is taking a lot of time to be indoctrinated.

Then here comes the church. Sometimes I wonder if they are really considering the greater good or if they just want everyone to see who is the boss. Well, God is the boss, not them. Maybe they are too close to God they actually start to think THEY ARE God. The same thing that happens to animals born to foster parents of different kind. And a lot of people deliberately forget that the church and government are different dictionary entries. What a shame and that is what I consider sad.

Using contraceptives is like saying you can’t rear a child. That is maturity. Postponing giving birth to something so beautiful because you can’t give it a wonderful future – that is selfless love.

So these are the reasons why I am pro RH Bill.

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