I Accuse Aldub of Corrupting Our Individuality and Identity

We do have different interests, but it does not excuse us for scrutiny and criticism. We do have our own happiness, but how authentic is our happiness? Is it measured by the mass of tweets to prove one’s superficiality and vanity? There is a reason why the selfie capital is within Makati.

Call me an elitist or even an anti- Aldub for this, but the conduct of the majority of these so called fans of a certain teleserye composed of cliched plot points with the exception the two comedians is deplorable. It is not justifiable in every possible means, for Aldub is not an institution or even acting as such. However, I neither have contempt or admiration for the series, for I only see it as a mere fad- a cultural oddity that will soon become passe to obscurity. I do not have against the sensible fans out there who are reasonable enough, but I have every reason but to criticize these fans who are acting like children.

While I understand a lot of OFW’s are watching this, they are often used as a scapegoat to justify these bombastic attacks upon individuals. The OFW’s are isolated from their society, not because they wanted to but we have become too lazy to clamor and take our longing for reform into principles. Therefore, they are the victims of this exploitation, an exploitation taken advantage by those who are willing to fight for an entity which does not even care for them.

Every anti-Aldub post either constructive or just mere complaint is subject to ridicule and personal attacks; almost everyone has lost their decency on regarding how to act. Is this how Aldub is important to you, that you are ready to defend this fandom to the death? Have you remembered yourself ridiculing the couple until it became popular? Have you remembered the time when you are too busy with Vice Ganda? How ironic that such people who once despised Pabebe are now rallying behind it. Have you remembered the time when your entire identity has not been corrupted by the Media? It was a joke but we turned this joke into a tragedy and a manifestation of our narrow mindedness about the larger reality, which is in itself too many.

Or have you forgotten that this is just a creation of the Media? Aldub is no longer a phenomenon- it is already an organized religion and like all other religions, it seeks to make an individual complacent and egoistic. No longer are we Catholic, but we have managed to create a nation of consumerist fanatics. Indeed, the influence of Aldub has been entrenched in every aspect and for a lot, it made a fool of themselves.

No other media bogus can spin one’s emotional and rational faculties than Aldub, this is the manifestation of what have we become as a society. We, the ones responsible for our existence, has detached ourselves from one’s existence, we have chosen to escape the miseries of life by creating an illusion! Is this the society that will decide the future of this country? We have long been faced with issues which are larger than life, with almost no end in sight, but what is our response to our dilemma? I am not surprised if there will be a future Gospel of these fads which left the society enchanted with one’s frivolity and salacious nonsense.

This is the manifestation of the human condition and some will argue that we have chosen to love this fandom because we are ought to be human, but the question is, what is human? We have long been given the chance to reinvent ourselves but we have rallied against it. No rationalization could justify the hypocrisy of the scoundrels we are. To the ones responsible of its inception, they are laughing at our misery and plight, they have found the formula in which ordinary Filipinos can escape the harshness of life. It seems that we are not still ready for the task of reformation, as it is useless, worthless and valueless to the society which does not care about these so called pretentiousness.

Indeed, this is pretentious but is this the best way of a response when someone managed to wound one’s pride and ego? But what is pride and ego for the average Filipino. Their pride and ego is built upon the foundations of sand and glass, the influence of colonialism upon their minds have made them decadent and crass. The most fanatic of the Aldub fans are the manifestations of this dehumanization of oneself. To those who are longing for respect, there is a difference between respecting one’s perspective and just whining about it, for the latter is more evident.

My view of one’s charity of Aldub is similar to the lectures given by the philosopher Slavoj Zizek in whcih he described the marketing technique of Starbucks:

“When you buy Starbucks whether you realize it or not you are buying into something bigger than a cup of coffee, you are buying into a coffee ethic. Through our Starbucks Shared Plant Programme we purchase more fair trade coffee than any company in the world, ensuring that the farmers who grow the beans receive a fair price for their hard work. And we invest in an improved coffee growing practices and communities around the globe. It’s a good coffee karma. And a little bit of the price of a cup of Starbucks coffee helps furnish the place with comfortable chairs and so on and so on.

You see this is what I call cultural capitalism at its purest. You don’t just buy a coffee you buy in the very consumerist act – you buy your redemption from being only a consumerist.”

Speaking of Aldub, it is also the time to talk about the concept of leisure time. For most people, they view leisure as a way to unwind and to free oneself from worries but in an ideal society dominated by tactless complexities, this should not be the case. Leisure time in its ideal form should be used for the improvement of one’s emotional and rational consciousness, it must be used to improve one’s perspective and it should be used as a tool which can change society. We should take advantage of leisure time for example, by reading classical literature, watching a film which will make us more aware, listening to music which shows the genuine sense of human emotion, treating art as society’s reflection and so forth.

But we almost fail dismally at this task, for as the sociologist Theordor Adorno stated, the tastes of the mass society is not yet fully developed and this constant flaw is often exploited by what he referred to as the Culture industry- an industry dedicated to make oneself confused, stripped of one’s senses and basically living in a life which is valueless. An example of this is we tend to care more about films about alien invasion rather than current world issues or we often delude ourselves that finding one’s romantic interest will give us authentic happiness. Therefore, a crisis within the social order develops, as individuals are longing for the value and worth of one’s meaning even though the meaning of it is relative which is often taken advantage of those which pretend to have the answers.

“When a Culture starts to lose its form and sense of purpose, it will devolve into a series of fads and the journey for repetition and recurrence thus begins. This is the design of a decline of one’s Civilization into the abyss of uncertainty.”

They have our money, our identity and our own sanity. Is this what we are supposed to be? This is indeed a tragedy for all of our history and indeed, the cancer grows more evident and widespread than ever before. We cannot create our own choices, so it is now up to us to either reform or destroy ourselves in the process.

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