How to travel the world if you have limited vacation leave and money

It’s not uncommon to look at social media outlets and see friends traveling all over the world.

Almost as a bystander, you live vicariously through the endless number of posts and pictures you see friends uploading.  The possibility of yourself being in the shoes of those travelers may seem like a distant fantasy.  But there are steps that you can take now and decisions that can be made to travel even with limited time off and financial resources.  It’s time to make some changes, and get yourself out there as well exploring the different parts of the world!

How to Balance a Career With Travel and Why You Should (2)

Two of the biggest challenges of traveling are the limitation in time off and money.  Many serial travelers will advocate gaining cultural experiences is more worthwhile than buying material things.  You may wonder, “so how is that possible when I don’t have enough time off from work or the money to travel?!” Here are some tips that will help you handle those challenges and get you on your way to crossing things off of your travel bucket list.


1. Plan Ahead…like way ahead 

When planning for a trip, it is a good idea to plan well in advance.  Typically, less structure and requirements, the better.  Having specific requirements on where you want to go makes it difficult to plan on a budget since there is no flexibility.  Less structure means that you can be flexible with what you find and really scope out the deals.  Airlines are always doing specials to chosen destinations, so let the deals formulate and dictate your next travel plans. Related Article: Check out this list of cheap hostels around the world.

How to Balance a Career With Travel and Why You Should

2. Don’t worry about doing all of the expensive tourist activities

 Tourist activities are always expensive.  Forego the next tour bus and do something different.  Plan to go off the beaten path of conventional trip planning and spend some time researching what the locals would recommend. A recently launched (in beta) travel tip app is called Tripext.  It connects you to locals in searched destinations and allows you to text them for tips and advice on what to do.  As you plan for a trip, pick the brain of numerous locals for some recommendations on sightseeing, transportation logistics, and food.  You will find that locals know how to navigate at a very reasonable and rather cheap cost.  After all, they aren’t on vacation spending tons of money in their home towns!

How to Balance a Career With Travel and Why You Should (3)

3. Take advantage of long holiday weeks, but travel at odd times

Time off regardless of whether it is paid or not is a scarce commodity. Taking advantage of that extra day off during the weekend may be a great idea to saving your actual time off days for longer future trips and squeezing in a quick weekend trip.  Traveling on a holiday weekend means that airfare prices, hotels, and car rentals can be much more expensive.  A great little tip is traveling and staying on days that are not the norm.  For example, many people will travel Friday afternoon and return Monday evening with a start of the week holiday.  Consider negotiating and asking your boss for a half day on Tuesday in the morning and travel Saturday morning to Tuesday morning. Typically hotels are much more expensive on Friday evenings.  


4. Take the locals’ transportation

When in a new place, it may be tempting to take the easy way out and take a cab everywhere or even rent a car.  Do some research and take out those comfortable shoes and do what the locals do. Use applications such as Tripext to get in contact with local residents and find out how they get around.  Are they using the bus? Is there a subway system? Talking to locals is a great way to get some insight on how to travel.  They can guide you on how to travel safely and in the most cost effective manner.  This will also give you a chance to fully dive into the culture.  

There are many ways to strategically plan your travel adventures at a reasonable cost and minimal impact to your job if you take the time to plan.  Use the tips above for your next travel planning. Get ready to embark on your next journey!

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