How Asking Which Uniform Was Cuter Turned Me Into a Nurse

Nursing degree (Photo Credit: Mydegreeclass)
Nursing degree (Photo Credit: Mydegreeclass)

When I was still in grade school, I never really thought of becoming anything. As in no dreams at all. Not even becoming a princess! I stayed that way until I entered high school. Just that! I was learning things which I didn’t know where to use them. But just before my high school life was through, I had to think of a course I have to take for college.

Option 1: Veterinary Medicine

I love animals! Sometime more than I do for humans. So I asked my mother if I can take up Veterinary Medicine. But she said “NO!”. She didn’t want me to delivery baby pigs and inspect the brains of rabid dogs. So that’s it. I gave up the idea.

Nursing degree   (Photo Credit:  Mydegreeclass)
Nursing degree (Photo Credit: Mydegreeclass)

Option 2: Accountancy

We had this good neighbor, Uncle Leo, who suggested me to take up Accountancy. My first reaction was “Hell no!” Math was the only subject where I’ve got a grade within the line of 7. He was really convincing then when he said that I didn’t to be a math whiz to be an accountant. But realizing, how can I work with financing and whatever accounting if I didn’t know what Statistics meant? Good thing I didn’t listen to him. I didn’t even know why I listed Accountancy in this list.

Option 3: Psychology

Did you know that “Psychologist” was the one I placed as my “ambition” in my high school yearbook? Well, the reason for that was my fascination with witchcraft and ghosts—as in Parapsychology. It was the only branch I was interested then and not General Psychology. Plus, It seemed fun becoming a guidance counselor with all those exciting homeroom sessions.

I told that to my mother and again, she said “No!” That I won’t have any work but an HR personnel. And I proudly said, “I can be a guidance counselor!” To my dismay, my sister said, there won’t be anyone who would hire a gay as a guidance counselor. Haha! I really haven’t thought of that one so bye Psychology!

Option 4: Education

I was really fixated with my high school life that I didn’t want to leave it. That was a reason why I thought of taking up Education- so that after I graduate from it, I can return to high school and teach. Ha-ha! That was a really kiddy reason. My mother said “No!” again. She’s a teacher and loves education but a reason why she refused it was – there’s the money from it!

So I ended up choosing from my 2 last options. Both were the most in demand courses that time and I didn’t care where in those 2 will I end up — HRM or Nursing?

Option 5: HRM

With HRM, I thought I could travel to some places and experience the hotel life. I also knew I was not fond of folding my beddings and cooking and my bedroom is a pigsty! But maybe I could reform and learn how to be more organized through their subjects

Option 6: Nursing

It was known as the fastest ticket in going to abroad. Plus, my sister was already taking up nursing that’s why we thought that I won’t be hard up since I have a guide. It was not my hobby to go to hospitals and I dreaded toughing anything from them. But I guess I can get used to it.

Options 5 and 6 were my final choices. Though my heart was not really in those professions, I thought I could be an empathetic nurse or a warm host. Eenie-meenie-minie-moe! I didn’t know what to choose and I didn’t care. So I asked my high school friends, “Which uniform is cuter? The too formal HRM suits or the crisp clean white one?”

I tallied their votes and I got the answer to my question. I took up nursing and finally started to loving it! I guess, becoming a nurse also became a dream for me whether I liked it or not and I finally I gained that title. But even though I loved myself as a nurse, I am still looking for that something that would really satisfy me. Since I have already accomplished that dream, I think I should make another one for me to reach. Maybe a fashion designer, a writer, or a professional artist. Who knows, right?

While I’m still not sure about what will I become, I think I will take my time to enjoy following the white rabbit until I’ve got all the clues how to get out of Wonderland.

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