History Repeats Itself

Call it karma or history repeating itself, but Arroyo’s scheduled transfer to Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC), where former President Estrada once detained for almost three years, is an overwhelming eye-opener that we Filipinos are still struggling to learn from our own mistakes.

What good can we get if we push a perpetrator inside a “comfortable” jail and then issue an executive clemency years after? What happened to our country after we ousted Estrada due to plunder allegations? Did we get stronger and better? Have we ever experienced any tangible benefits of this oust-the-president-get-a-new-one kind of cycle? And now that GMA is sitting on the same hot seat that her predecessor got into before, dow we expect that things will be better for us or that our country will be a better place as before?

Filipinos, history is about to repeat itself and being stubborn will get us nowhere frrom here.

Law applies to all, or none at all.

The problem with our society is the culture of impunity deeply rooted to our vulnerable law enforcement strategies. Crimes are ubiquitous nowadays not because death penalty was abolished or people are motivated by extreme poverty, but because our government don’t uphold equality and fairness as one of it’s strongest principles. The government let corrupt officials and criminals do their monkey businesses by simply being lenient especially to those greedy officials committing crimes against the nation. Allowing delaying tactics, providing comfortable places of detention, treating detainees according to social status or existing power in the government,  and having leniency are just some of the loopholes of our law that needs a complete overhaul. People will develop a sincere faith to our law only if it will go back to the basics of fairness. Extrajudicial killings, political massacres, and murders of whistleblowers  are a complete testament on how insane our law enforcement is, that those at fault are set loose and those who are innocents pay for the price instead. The government needs to step up because even the “Put Little Girl To Sleep” (regardless if it’s true or not) or transferring GMA to VMMC will never be enough to change the status quo.

Lessons not Learned.

If there’s only one crucial thing that the past presidential administrations has taught us, that would be the echoing truth that ousting an allegedly corrupt leader will never provide the panacea for all the social issues our country faces. We don’t need to travel back in time to realize that our PROGRESS will never be fully achieved by simply overthrowing a corrupt government or putting the likes of Marcos, Estrada, and Arroyo to jail. All we need is discipline and strict law enforcement that will aplly to ALL Filipinos. Different areas of the government should also take part in a revolution to create changes and reforms that will contribute to the betterment of our country. There are a lot of existing issues other than CGMA’s electoral sabotage and plunder cases which deserve our government’s attention so it would be better to leave it to the DOJ. GMA returning to VMMC is not just a lesson for her to learn but also a reality for us to recognize so we can learn from our mistakes and stop history from repeating another curse.

The present political circus that we have now is not just a mere issue of GMA “getting what she really deserves” but one that also involves all of us. Let’s not be blinded by wrath and instead, be enlightened by the lessons starting to unfold in front of us. Change will be a joint effort by our government and its citizens. It’s about time to be proactive and cure our myopic views of the issues surrounding the government. We better stop this cycle before history repeats again and stop giving us any second chances.


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