Goodbyes are Not Forever

Goodbyes (Photo credit: Funeral-urn)
Goodbyes (Photo credit: Funeral-urn)

Hey! I know goodbyes really suck… And this one really got me! *sigh

I know that sooner or later we’ll have to part ways.You said that it’s for the better and I agreed.  I just want you to know that whatever and wherever Godleads us, it’s for the good of both of us.

You are right, everything is good in its season. Everything has a right time, and now is not the time. I’m sorry if I am the reason of your confusion. Don’t worry I’ll just be around. 🙂

By the way, I’ll strive to fulfill my promise to you (by God’s grace) that I’ll act maturely and I’ll be a lady and not a girl. Haha Kidding aside, I will take to heart all your advices and will take our “pinky-swear” seriously! *wink

You may not remember me often (at least, not as often as you remember the girls in your past since we do not have much bonding times spent together), but just so you know ,our simple kulitan moments made our friendship extra special and those are the memories I treasure the most, kaya ok lang kung hindi momaalala, sa akin naman nagbigay ng impact yun, kaya keri lang. ????

Anyway, this shouldn’t sound mushy eh.. Well, you take care on your journey, ok?.   I know you can do it with or without me.. As long as God is on your side. Will pray for you. Sana matupad yung mga prayers mo, and maovercome mo yung mga struggles mo through His help.

Thank you again for the Nth time for being my closest buddy and simply one of the best friend I ever had. Di man ikaw maging “love-life” ko in the future and you may even belong to somene else, alam ko you deserve what is in store for you.. Narinig mo yun? There’s something in store for you, 🙂 you just have to wait for the proper time. His time. 🙂

Take care buddy! *hugs

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