God is Everything

God is Everything

You’re the key that controls my life

You’re the air that I continously breathe

You’re the music I usually hear

You’re the book that I’ll definitely read

You’re the path that everyone follows

You’re the happiness I feel everyday

You’re the fragrance that makes me mellow

You’re the thought I always wanna think of

You’re the taste that everybody loves

You’re the energy that makes me move

You’re the peace that makes me calm

You’re the home of hopeless people

You’re the love that binds every couple

You’re the forgiveness that sinners await

You’re the fire that warms up and lights up the whole world

You’re the goal that everybody wants to achieve

You’re the education of every student

You’re the treasure of the poor

You’re a secret I want to KEEP. You’re every place that I want to walk on, You are my salvation, You’re the answer to every question, You’re the reason for living, You are my life, YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING!


Vannesa, your daughter. <3


About Maria Vannesa Bal

A female Homo-sapiens. A nomad. A worth taking sylph.
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