Flowers For You, Special Delivery From Heaven

The Miracle (Photo Credit: Miraclesandgrace)
The Miracle (Photo Credit: Miraclesandgrace)
The Miracle  (Photo Credit:     Miraclesandgrace)
The Miracle (Photo Credit: Miraclesandgrace)

Someone pressed on the red emergency button. People in white came in. Pumps. From the fast-paced action, it slows down and everyone transitions back to normal state. Someone is revived. Few days later, the family goes back home with smiles on their faces. They call it a miracle.

 Human beings have grandiosity running in their heads, believing that miracles are things that rarely happens, not knowing that it’s evident on all places, at all times, and for all people. It doesn’t have to present itself with a red carpet before you can classify it as the big M but if that’s how it is defined, I had my own share of wonderful miracle, no death or near-death experience involved.

Four years ago, I considered myself as obsessive while reviewing for my upcoming Nursing Board Exam. Expectations were high and the pressure I was getting was something more than my height can bear. Dito na nakasalalay ang magiging ID ko at pagkakakilanlan sa mundo.

I was reading books from cover to cover, kulang na lang basahin ko ang Table of Contents ng bawat libro; rewriting what I have just read, highlighting the notes with a yellow marker, not taking a bath until I realize it’s past 10 in the evening, and taking dinner the following morning. Akala ko nga mababaliw na ako.

 One time, sa pagbabasa ng isang libro na binili ko, may nakaipit na photocopy na wala sa tema. It was about a certain St. Therese. Bilang hindi palabasa tungkol sa mga santo, I didn’t have any idea who she is so I did my own research.

 According to legends, she sends flowers to people who pray to her as a sign that the request you’ve been praying for is granted. They said it can be started any date of the month, but preferred to be started on the 9th, ending on the 17th.

 Other than the reading, I started this novena to St. Therese of the Child Jesus. At that time, isa sya sa mga santo na kinaibigan ko bukod kay St. Jude, kay Black Nazarene, Saint Claire, kay Mama Mary, at kay St. Joseph. Pero sa kanya ako naging pinaka-close.

 I was simply praying for me and my friends to pass the exam with good grades. Whenever the cycle ends, I start another one the following night. Sinimulan ko without really thinking of the date and knowing na hindi naman madadaan sa isang serye ng dasalan ito. Ramdam na ramdam ko that time yung mga nakalagay sa jeep at tricycle na “Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa.”

 One day, I went swimming with my friends. Dayo lang naman ako sa condo na yun sa Mandaluyong. Wala akong kilala bukod sa classmate ko. Sabi namin magrereview kami pero alam naming hindi yun totoo. It was one rainy afternoon so we decided to let the rain stop before jumping into the pool. A little boy passed by with his dad. I perfectly remember him covering his teeth with aluminum foil. He went swimming with his dad and got out after a few minutes.

 Mayamaya, the little boy came running to me and told me, “Flowers for you.” Binigyan ako ni batang may foil na ngipin ng isang pirasong santan. Inabutan nya din yung bestfriend ko na kasama ko. Ako naman, sobrang na-touch. That was a very sweet gesture from a little kid I have seen for the first time. Ni hindi ko nga alam pangalan n’ya. Until…

 My best friend told me teary-eyed, “Pig, I’m doing my novena to St. Therese. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”

 I was simply startled. I didn’t know she was doing it, too, and she never knew I was still doing it. My other friend who was with us was clueless what was going on. It took a few seconds before I realized it was September 17, the day my novena cycle ends. With the numerous times I was doing it, I received the flowers on the day it ended. Kasabay ng bestfriend ko na hindi ko alam ginawa pala ang advice ko. What made it so special is that tatlo kaming tao na nandoon, at kaming dalawa ng bestfriend ko na nagnonovena ang binigyan n’ya ng bulaklak.

 You don’t have to ask if I passed or not, don’t you? I got more than what I prayed for.

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