Financial Diva Ka Va? C-4

Savings (Photo credit: Inquisitr)
Savings (Photo credit: Inquisitr)
Savings    (Photo credit:     Inquisitr)
Savings (Photo credit: Inquisitr)

Savings Savings Savings. Ka-ching Ka-ching Ka-ching. Which one sounds better?

I bet you will all agree with me when I say the latter. Ka-ching! It sounds more exciting, isn’t it! It sounds like the slot machines in Vegas. It’s the sound of spending money! Let’s go shopping! Fun Fun Fun!!! It’s about having FUN TODAY…and nah…you can just SAVE LATER! You worked so hard for your money and you deserve to spend! You deserve that Gucci bag or that Manolo Blahniks shoes. You deserve to go to Vegas or Europe for vacation. You deserve to buy that 60 inches LED TV with a new dolby digital sound system and all. You deserve to buy whatever in the world you want. Live for the present and worry about the future WHEN YOU’RE THERE. It’s your life anyway and you want to have fun. Why not? It’s your money after all. Yeehaa!

On the other hand, the former sounds so boring. No kidding! Saving also entails that you have to “tighten your belt”. It requires you to do some little sacrifices. Not fun! Booooooo!! This is not so diva. This is not fabulous. And people will look down at you because you don’t have the latest cellphone model, priciest bag, fancy car etc. People will think that you are poor and a cheapskate. People will think that you don’t belong and that adversely affects your “image”. You might say I am exaggerating but I think these notions are true in some way or another.

Often, this is the only side of saving that we see or accept to see. Why save now when you can do it later? Why save now when you can have all the material things there is to buy? Why delay the gratification?

But there is also the other side of saving that many people fail to see. Mainly, SECURITY. It’s something intangible but far more important than any of the material things I think. When you have enough savings, you are protected. With savings, you have peace of mind. You know that when the inevitable comes, you have the cushion. When you lose your job, you have the money to pay your bills. When you get sick, you know you have money to go to the doctor and buy your prescriptions. When your car breaks, you don’t have to rely on your credit cards to get it fixed because you have savings. When you get old, you know that you can enjoy your retirement because you have savings.

I could enumerate more but the bottom line is that SAVING IS SO VITAL (especially with the present economic turmoil) and that SAVING IS IMMENSELY BENEFICIAL FOR ALL OF US NOW and for our FUTURE.

It’s SAVING TODAY so we can have fun TODAY AND LATER!

Topic on savings is so vast that it have to be written in parts. Watch out for the continuation of this article next week.

As for now, smile, SAVE and spread the good diva spirit.

author:  Marvz Es





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