Filipino Inventors: The harsh reality

Many of you have heard the tale of Agapito Flores, Fe Del Mundo, and Daniel Dingel. We’ve all heard the stories of Filipinos making their mark on the world, be it in writing, singing, or inventing. But really, which of them really created their “invention?”

Singers, writers, and athletes don’t have to worry about having their achievements stolen from them. Sure, some writers may worry about being plagiarized, but now Publishers are doing their best to watch out for their own writers; attentive professors and teachers are also on the lookout for faked essays.

But in inventing, it all depends on the person and the invention. Why? You can easily claim you invented this, but no one will notice until it has become very useful. Even then, many inventors are still unknown. In order to receive claim and royalties from an invention, you must patent it to the government and show it to a noteworthy organization.

Alas, there are a lot of “supposed” inventors of certain products. Stealing someone’s idea is as simple as taking it, patenting it, and marketing it to the public. But here, there are a lot of people who claim to have made famous products, yet they are not being recognized. Why? Because they didn’t invent it.

The Moon Buggy

Pride is good for a country, but claiming that a countryman invented another person’s product is a bad thing to do. Myths likes this thrive on people who are unaware, and they have gained notoriety after the birth of the internet and cellular phones. Spreading them has become easy, and many school books actually CREDIT these people as the true inventors.

Doesn’t that seem like a slap to the face of the real inventors? To show you some examples, here are some “supposed” inventors.

  • Roberto Del Rosario, the “inventor” of the karaoke.
  • Armando Lite, inventor of the “Armalite” or M16.
  • Eduardo San Juan, inventor of the Moon Buggy.

In truth, the three inventors are not real. The M16 was not named after Armando Lite, and the gun is not called “Armalite.” Armalite is actually ArmaLite, a small arms company. It is not an abbreviation for Armando Lite.

The Karaoke was created by Daisuke Inoue, a Japanese man who developed it for his band. He is considered to be a national inventor in Japan, and he is recognized by many to be the true inventor of the Karaoke.

Eduardo San Juan, who was referenced in my English book once, is not the inventor of the moon buggy. However, I will say this: There is too many websites saying he did or did not. However, there are documents of Eduardo passing on designs and schematics. Sadly, our friend did not manage to get his work accepted as the final design.

So why do these myths propagate here? Maybe because we love our country so much that we often believe that our countrymen are superheroes. I’m not saying it’s bad, but we really should think before we act. Do any of you know Fe Del Mundo?

Dr. Fe Del Mundo

Fe Del Mundo is a woman we should be proud of. She designed an incubator made of bamboo, and she was able to get into Harvard BEFORE they admitted women. I  believe instead of spreading myths, we should spread what is already true.

It’s not wrong to be proud of your country, but we shouldn’t bask in other people’s glory. Rather than making myths, or stealing people’s thunder, we should instead be happy over other people’s inventions and the inventions that have actually been verified.Why? Because it’s better to worship a man who is real, than a superhero that’s fake.

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