Facebook for Lunch– An Irish Kiss

Irish Kiss (Photo Credit Malestandard)
Irish Kiss (Photo Credit Malestandard)

An Irish kiss

For several years, I have been writing various articles about my adventures in life,and that includes for adults only stories as it vividly describes personal encounters of the past. Sometimes, I write about food which I highly associate in my joy of living alone. Yes, I live alone and that taught me how to live freely and passionately because no one is there to judge me, watch me, control me or pay for my personal expenses. These stories however remain to be untold as I keep them to myself and upload them only in private blog sites where one may only read if they follow me. This time, I choose to share my adventures through a famous Filipino blog site, where most readers are Filipinos, or maybe just Filipino lovers.

Irish Kiss      (Photo Credit      Malestandard)

I am starting this blog with the hope that someday people would relate to my experiences and share the joys of traveling, cooking, meeting new people, and uncovering sorrows to make them lessons learned from the past. My blog is named facebook for lunch as I only have time to write non-work related articles at lunch time. Furthermore, people often ask me what I will have for lunch, and I always say… facebook. Hell yeah, I literally eat facebook for lunch. I am a busy woman and it is only during noon that I enjoy browsing through my friends updates, gossiping about what is new in their personal lives, and digging for more information about how crappy sometimes life could be.

So, allow me start with my past adventure in Europe, then later on I will uncover shocking stories from previous experiences, praying that my close friends would not be able to read them. I am sure many will be surprised how often I travel for work and for fun. This time, I am documenting everything, and I will try to make your imagination wander with my story, especially when I go to a new place.

Last June, I traveled to attend a work related activity in Ireland. Since it was my first time to visit that place, I was a bit thrilled, at the same time afraid of how my travel would turn out.

My Irish adventure started upon arriving at the airport. I was surprised that Dublin, Ireland is located so far from the main land of Europe, that I have to take an almost 1 hour connecting flight. It is also known to be a viking country, meaning, the country used to be resided by Knights, and during the medieval times, they do train people for war. For those who love to watch game of thrones, Spartacus, Spartans, and the like, Ireland has similar structures which one would see upon leaving the airport.

Cathedrals, houses, and some establishments are gothic styled. Most of these structures are made of big thick rocks, similar to those materials used in building castles in the ancient times. One thing I also learned is that, it is a very catholic country. Most who live there are Catholics and there are many catholic churches everywhere. Since I practice the religion myself, I enjoyed looking at their old churches which made me think how many Irish people actually hear mass. Being sarcastic, as I really am, I assumed that maybe most of their Gothic monuments are meant for tourists only.

Ireland is also known for their dark beer, Guinness. At first I thought it was about Guinness book of World records but no. It is a European known beer that took me to a more adult adventure, which I will tell about later on.

So going back to my story, I have successfully arrived at Dublin, Ireland. I have noticed that the locals have blue or green eyes. Especially their men, and I love it! Irish men are known worldwide to be the best lovers they say, but why on earth would I rely to this saying when in fact I could meet someone and try one myself. I have no dirty intentions whatsoever but being me, an adventurous type with an exotic beauty in a European country ( a foreign colleague once told me), I said to myself, what harm would it do if I ever I date an Irish man just out of curiosity.

So, after two grueling days of workshop. I finally found a time to date someone whom I became online friends with several months ago, and someone who is also fascinated with my beautiful exotic country.

I would like to keep his name as my handsome Irish man. He is quite tall, his height is 5 feet 10 inches, slender, and with beautiful sparkling blue eyes that shines every time he smiled at me. He is catholic as expected and so we talked about our religion, our principles in life, especially about our belief in keeping close family ties. He is a gentleman too as he never hesitated to show me around Dublin. He was always attentive and offered his jacket for me to use to be warm. Oh yes folks, I forgot to mention that Ireland is a very cold country and it was 12 degrees Celsius during the time we went out for a drink.

We went to a dimly lighted bar that serves freshly brewed Guinness beer. A group of performers are also singing country songs at the bar, and that is somehow very Irish. I hesitated to have a big glass of beer as I am not a beer drinker so he ordered me a petite one, just to let me know how good it tastes.

Surprisingly, I finished my beer in an hour after listening to his stories, and he ordered me another glass. As the night passed by, he became more attractive, I do not know if it is because of the Guinness or because I was observing his eyes too much. He also caught my attention when he said that there is a saying that Irish men are good kissers. Hahaha… Oh yeah, that is why I saw one key chain in the souvenir shops that say, “kiss me, I’m Irish,”so the whole night, the thought played on my mind.

My Irish man offered me another beer, but I politely refused as I want to have a clear mind when we part ways. He offered to bring me back to my hotel which made me mesmerized more about how it is to touch his masculine arms and for me to be held strongly against his chest. Was it the Guinness or his eyes that made me think about it, or was it the cold weather? My imagination is driving me crazy…

(To be continued)

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