Facebook for Lunch- An Irish Kiss (Part 4- End)

A magical kiss
The heart tells what is magical and what is true. And for me, a Dutch kiss is something more to look forward too.

A magical kiss
The heart tells what is magical and what is true. And for me, a Dutch kiss is something more to look forward too.

 I was awakened by the phone ringing. As I opened my eyes, I realized that a pillow was stuck right in front of my face. I remember putting it on my head to shield my eyes from the light as I was suffering from migraine before I fell asleep.

I was sweating on my 30 degrees Celsius room. I threw the pillow on the other side of the bed and struggled to get up in order to reach the telephone. “Hello, you asked for a wake-up call?” the receptionist said, waiting an answer from me. “Yes, thank you.” I then placed the handset on the receiver. It was still bright outside though it was already 6:30 PM but the sky is very gloomy which is a typical Irish weather. I was sleeping since past 3:00 PM and it feels like I was sleeping forever. A bit of my headache was already gone but I have to get up now as I was scheduled to visit the church and meet an Irish friend. I smiled to myself and thought about the dream once more.

I hurriedly went to the windows and opened it, turned-off the heater, and took my cellphone from my purse. As I was scanning for messages, I was surprised by the messages I have received since morning. I was too busy attending the workshop and never took the time to even look at it. The messages are so many but the 3 messages on my inbox touched my heart the most:

Message 1- “Hello my love I only wanna say that I miss you and that I love you xxx”

Message 2- “Love you, sweetie, but please drink water for your headache, kisses, kisses, and more kisses.”

Message 3- “I really like you, sweetie, my love xxx.”

As I scanned for other messages, I felt like my heart just melted but I typed quick reply on my cellphone, Hi, it looks like it is going to rain tonight and I do not want to get sick. I am still up for another travel to Amsterdam and Paris, and I want to enjoy my stay there. I think I have to cancel our meeting tonight. Maybe I will just try Guinness with some colleagues who are still here in Dublin, my apologies. After a few minutes, I received a reply, It is totally understandable, the weather is getting worse and the news said it is going to rain hard tonight. Better stay indoors. Enjoy your last night in Dublin. I sighed in relief, opened one of my favorite messages, and smiled as I clicked on quick reply, Hi my love, thanks for the sweet messages, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. I am so excited to see Holland. Kisses,kisses, kisses. Then I placed my mobile phone on the table, and smiled once more.

Maybe I was dreaming too much of being with this Irish man prior to getting to Dublin, and I was curious of how an Irish kiss would feel.   However, I could just not set aside my feelings for this man who touched my heart so much. I have been praying for a long time to God to let me meet a perfect partner, and when I met him everything feels so different. It feels warm and lovely, I feel so contented and secure. There is something mysterious yet magical about this person that makes me smile every time he texts me and sends me sweet, sometimes hilarious emails. My day is always never complete without seeing his sweet iconic smiles.

As I sat on the window edge, enjoying the view from my room, my mind was filled with joy and intriguing imagination as I thought of how the night could have ended if I joined the handsome blue-eyed Irish man. I have traveled a lot, met new people, encountered new experiences, believed in love but lost my trust in loving again. This time, my faith kept me strong, and my positive impressions for someone new in my life strengthens my mind to fight distraction and temptation. I have to give love a chance one more time, open my life once more to a new experience, feel how it is to feel infatuated again. I am excited to see his silver-gray eyes, his full smile, and to feel his warm embrace. Maybe an Irish kiss is not as magical as fiction stories tell. The heart tells what is magical and what is true,  and for me, a Dutch kiss is something more to look forward too.

<Note: Based on real experiences, but some of the scenes in the story are fictional and were embellished for reader’s entertainment>

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