Enchanted Night in a Fairy Tale Garden

Fairy Tale Garden
Fairy Tale Garden

Fairy Tale GardenSo tired from an 8 hour day shift duty taking care of Gyne patients. I have nothing in mind except to lie down in my most favorite spot at home, the comfortable bed where I could have the much-needed rest and if luck permits, famous, enchanted dreams might visit me. The world of fairy tales had been  inculcated in my deepest memory that wherever I go my vision is always attracted for it. Like a magnet, it pulls me to its very core that I can’t escape because a magnetic force broken would mean taking my breath away.

 I almost drifted to the stage of losing my consciousness when I was reminded by the rose garden that titillated me to the city of Taif, since I was in the Philippines. My spurt of a moment adventure loving self force me to annoy my roommate by incessantly asking about the rose farm tour. She had been carried away by my enthusiasm to visit the well-known garden that she called a fellow Pinoy that she thinks might help us. Then by that call my night changed from a boring, melancholic one to an enchanted well-lighted darkness.

 In a split of a minute I saw myself walking in a fairy tale place surrounded by sparkling lights while my eyes can’t cope up with the variety of colorful, magnificent flowers in front of me. I don’t know where to focus myself. I like to bring them all home, yet I can’t. Then my father’s favorite motto rings in my ears, ” If there’s a will, there’s a way” . I take my camera and started taking pictures again making my  friend hate me by having a pose anywhere I could see a picturesque view. I don’t care what might other people would say as long as I enjoyed the moment  without violating any human law or hurting anyone against God’s will. I run anywhere, take a pose, gasping out of breath while smiling to death.

 Alluring flowers everywhere, the amusement park displays enthralled me… in short the moment  itself captivated my almost dying fairy tale dreams. I looked around and saw lot of people walking, men in their traditional ” thobe” clothing made of long sleeve, ankle length white cloth. In their heads are the typical white and red checkered cloth called ” ghutra”  held in place by the black cord known as ” agal” .  Women walks covered by black cloths overall. Their well- known clothing is the  abaya a free-flowing dress, their hair is  protected by cloth called tarha and faces hidden by  the same color cloth named as boshiya. There are lots of rides everywhere but they are almost similar to the Philippine amusement parks that I was less attracted to them. I wanted to try a ride, yet there were only two of us. But the greatest fear that hold the bars against me and the rides is the knowledge that I might not be able to hold myself from giving a loud shout of thrill which could destroy the serenity of the place.

 Stalls of food, bags, accessories, perfumes, flowers and paintings are all over the place. We come to a huge flower garden. It was intricately designed by arranging  flowers of same color together creating an appearance which is lovely on its own unique way. I always love flowers and they never fail to amaze me. Their color, shape, lovely petals and fragrant smell are so adorable that I felt myself in a sense of euphoria every time I see them. Anyway my greatest dream in life is to write literary pieces in the middle of a flower garden.

 I thought it was all of the magic, yet I never expect that I would have a fairy tale dream becoming real…seeing and chatting with a real prince is the peak of all magic that night. What is so amazing about his personality is his nice and witty nature.The charisma that draw people is  not because of the blood that runs in his veins, but by the amazing character he emanates.

 It was a tiring day, but  I was enchanted that  even though  I  had only three and half hours of sleep, I was able to wake up to face the real world. The world where I nurse  and caring is all that I could share.

A fairy tale garden….

author:   Bumblebee


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