Dreaming of YOU

Photo by 95C (Pixabay)

Everyday I can’t help thinking — what if, what if you care for me too, what if you love me too.

Every night before I go to sleep I keep wishing that you will be in my dreams.

Yes, I know it sounds crazy but if that craziness will lead me to be with you then I’ll keep on doing it. If only in my dreams I can be with you, if only in dreams I can be happy then.

I am in the point of my life now that if I could have the chance to be happy I would grab that opportunity. For a long time, for many years I concentrated on my career, how to succeed, how to be accepted. For the longest time I thought I would be more contented when I have reached those dreams of mine. But now still I’m lonely.

I’m fine but there is something in my life.Something missing, I know that I should be thankful with what I have. But there are times you just cannot control but wonder, why things happen. It’s not that easy to fall in love with someone who can not love you back. And now I’m scared that I’m feeling this way again, once again I’m falling for someone who I know will never ever like or love me.

I’m so stupid, I’m falling again, I’m starting to love once again — YOU. Every moment we had together, made me happy for a while. When we had our conversations I feel like home. I’m happy that we had the chance to talk once in a while. Knowing that we are continents apart. As I remember way back you once told me that you’re not the type of person who make time to chat. Whenever you’re online I’m eager to send a message but my mind keeps reminding me that I’m not the kind of person you like to be with.

I’m just a friend for you.

A friend and that I should be.

Photo by 95C (Pixabay)


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