Dr. Hope

“There’s nothing else you could do but wait for her time”
That was the only word the doctor told us.
I got confused, so confused with what that meant.
Last April of 2009, my lovely cousin was born, she is an angel sent from above. Unfortunately or not she had a condition called encephalocele. Now, I am no science major but I am pretty sure that it is a serious congenital defect. The way I understood it was that her skull wasn’t fully developed and that it had some kind of opening that could cause infection, and death even.
My uncle and auntie were both so worried and depressed, my heart aches whenever I remember those times. My uncle is a cheerful young man and seeing him not being able to smile and laugh at jokes is painful, but, this blog post is not about them.
Jamie was brought to a nearby private hospital in Nueva Ecija. We were all very hopeful; when you love someone so much, you will hold on even to the thinnest fiber of hope left in you, you would choose to pray even if you were a lifelong atheist, you would do literally anything and believe anyone. That’s how it is to love, that’s how it was for us.
But that was shattered when the attending doctor of the hospital broke to us that the only thing we could do was wait. I was confused, wait for what? Apparently, the doctor was implying for us to either wait for a miracle, or wait for her to go to heaven or wherever people go after they die.
I told you already, when you love someone so much, you would believe anything and anyone and any chance. You may even end up lying to yourself just so you could continue believing. Whether that is for the right or wrong reasons, I do not know and I don’t care anymore. Point is, my uncle and auntie continue to believe.
And so they did. They brought Jamie to the city and have her checked in National Children’s Hospital. Neither the hospital nor the new doctor said anything like giving up and waiting. Instead, an operation was suggested, then made. It took an unbelievable amount of time, stress and money but it was all worth it.
Because yes, it was a success!
Now, I would really like to thank that doctor who attended to my cousin Jamie, the doctor who didn’t dare say something foolish like waiting and giving up, the doctor whose name is Dr. Charleston Yeo. I respect you, a lotThank you very much Doctor!
And to that doctor, whose name I know, but I will not tell, because I consider it unethical, congratulations! I officially disrespect you. I know for a fact that you’re a doctor that’s why I expected way more. I thank you for saving and treating other people’s lives, I do, I couldn’t have done it myself but I abhor the way you use words- so sharply and harshly, please be really careful.
In your profession, you could literally kill someone with your words alone. Lives are at stake, you cannot afford to make mistake. It’s difficult and entails a lot of pressure, but you are a doctor, and that pressure comes with that package of being one.

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