Dolphy Cosme as an ICON

June 6, 2012
June 6, 2012

That was Tuesday night, July 10, 2012 around 9 pm, while I was watching “Will Time Big Time”, Willie Revillame suddenly paused and quietly answered his phone, and everyone got confused; wondering why Willie preferred to pick up the phone while he was in the middle of hosting the show. Subsequently after a few minutes, Willie said that it’s ZsazsA Padilla with whom he had spoken to. Then all of a sudden he aired on his show that Tito Dolphy passed away.

My eyes really burst into  tears. I don’t know why I felt that sadness, we’re not related in blood, but I really cried so hard and feels like I’m one of his relatives.. He really made me happy and I really laughed so loud every time I’m watching the “Home Along the Riles” every night, even if it ends late and I need to sleep na because I need to wake up early to get ready for school the next day, I still watch it.

I really learned many things from the sitcom regarding life experiences. It’s really a great sitcom, full of excitement, jokes, humor and at the same time real life stories and situation. Nakakarelate talaga ako, because their story has similarities to our life that time, and I’m sure also those people who are less fortunate that somehow can survive in the daily struggle of life and still can smile even life is tough. The sitcom is very realistic, and every day you’ll learn lessons that you can keep in mind. I wanted to grab this opportunity to Thank Tito Dolphy, for the joy you brought to the families of every filipino, you really made us cry and give us non-stop tears because of your “Jokes and funny reactions”. No one can ever replace you the “Great King of Comedy”.

You have touched so many lives and do the excellent job. I may not know you well, but I feel in my heart how good you are, and I see in your face how good your heart is. I salute you Tito Dolphy, wherever you are right now I will continue pray for you and wish for your peace and happiness in heaven. Even if you cannot make anymore shows that will air in TV, the memory of joy and laughter you gave us will still go on in our mind and heart forever!!! We love you Tito Dolphy… May you rest in peace!

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