‘Di bale nang mahirap, masaya naman!

Narinig mo na ba ito?

‘Di bale nang mahirap, masaya naman!

I heard it so many times ..and mostly, I really want to ask them:

Bakit, hindi ba p’wedeng mayaman na, masaya pa? at bakit, lahat ba ng mahirap masaya?


Money can’t buy you happiness, but poverty can’t buy you anything either.

We, Filipinos have a lot of misconceptions about  money. Wrong teachings din kasi sa school or influence ng media.

Movies like: Home along Da Riles and other tele-serye.

Sa Movie, ang mga Mahihirap, isang kahig isang tuka, pero  masaya sila at ang mga mayayaman usually mga kontrabida, matapobre, mayayabang at madadamot?


At school, most of my teachers are saying: Money is the root of all evil.

Money is the root of all evil ?

I totally disagree with this. Money is not the root of all evil, The Love of money is the root of all evil.


Money will not make you bad. It depends on how you use it. Quoted from other Gurus Money is only a magnifier.


Money only magnifies who you are.  So, if you’re a kind and generous person, if you were to accumulate a lot more money, you’ll become even kinder and more generous with everyone. Just look at how much money Bill Gates and Warren Buffet gives to their charities etc.

Have you heard someone say,

Yumaman lang, yumabang na?

My belief in this is that he has his hidden yabang, he just couldn’t brag about anything. Or worse, dati nang mayabang, mas lalo lang yumabang.

There is nothing wrong with being poor and I do not say that they are really not happy. My point is we can all be happy and prosper at the same time. We can also help and make others happy by sharing what we have and mostly it involves money.

I really think that we Filipinos should read more books, attend seminars or read blogs to learn more about Financial literacy and change the wrong mindset that we learned from school and the media. It will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

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