Despedida de Soltera

(Photo Credit: Solonosotras)
(Photo Credit: Solonosotras)

It was just a usual Thrusday. I was on a 9-day vacation so I didn’t have classes to attend to. I was preparing for my cousin’s 1st birthday and had to run some errands.

I texted her, “Labee, ano ulit yung place? Yung bilihan ng prizes?”

I had been gone for quite some time so I needed help with new places in town. She texted me back the  location of the place and said that she wanted to tag along as she had nothing else to do. I thought that was a good time to catch up, so I agreed.

 After a little shopping, my little sister, who was also with us, treated us for snack at McDonald’s. There, we talked.

She actually did most of the talking. I did the thinking.

 In 3 weeks, she is getting married– and she was talking about that. She was talking about what she wanted to take place on her big day. At first it was just a normal chit-chat. This is not the first time we talked about our wedding plans, so everything felt normal. She kept on talking, I kept on listening. Wedding gown, entourage, wedding songs…

 She was talking about the wedding music repertoire when she said, “Nung narinig ko yung arrangement, parang naiyak ako… na-feel ko na…”  Then there, in front of my empty sundae cup, it hit me… In 3 weeks, she is getting married.

I looked at her straight in the eyes and noticed that spark in her eyes.

She never stopped talking, but it is only now that I really listened… listened enough that I actually can feel everything with her. I realized that what she said the other night was true, “Hindi pa nag si-sink in kay Kai na ikakasal na ako.”

 I mentally argued with her, and am glad I mentally did, because now she’s proved me wrong. Tama nga. hindi pa nag si-sink in sa ‘kin na ikakasal na siya. Ngayon pa lang.

 This wasn’t just a normal chit-chat anymore. This wasn’t just a normal “sa kasal ko gusto ko”conversation.

This time, it is for real. It is happening. In 3 weeks.

 She talked about the preparations… the things I missed… because I was away.

I got teary-eyed so I had to look away.

 The talk went on and on… I looked at her again and listened…

 It was the first time I saw her like that (aside sa pagiging stressed, kasi ang daming beses ko na siya nakitang ganun).

Her eyes were sparkling…

She was glowing…

 And even before she finished talking, I already knew I was going to write about this.

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