Deceived and Betrayed by a Spineless Coward (P30)

Deceived and Betrayed by a Spineless Coward

Hello Word,

I feel good today. Trudy said that I am a respectable person. Thank you very much.

Utak biya siya talaga. What good would it do if she told Donna about the affair? Siya ang magkakalat ng baho ng asawa niya. What if I dared her kaya? Their side of the fence ang mapapahiya.

Word, sincerely, I get a headache just by reading her messages. I know you, Word, you have auto correct, but there’s no auto correct for grammar.

What letter is she talking about kaya? Oh, I know, the note that I left in Tommy’s wallet, the note that his son read and stole from him, the note that he scanned to Tommy’s sister in the Philippines, the note that ended it all. What was on that note anyway?

Jan 18/14 (more than a year ago)

My Tommy,

Longing for the day when we see each other again. You’re what keep me going. I love you very much. I miss you every moment.

Forever in love with you,



My day ended the same way as yesterday. I cried myself to sleep on an empty stomach.

Jan 7

It was an uneventful day. Trudy texted her routine wake up text for me and called so many times, but as always, she was ignored. She was not worth even a second of my time.

Yeah, right.

I looked into her FB after work. Wine tasting never felt so good when you’re spending it with your husband who loves you very much.

Must she emphasize very much?

I saw her recent photo upload. She looked good maybe because she’s getting it from Tommy again after three years. I felt there was peace in her. She had her witch-like hair cut a bit shorter. And then I looked into the photos uploaded in Dec 2014. I remember I was with Tommy during those times as well. I saw a photo of their kids watching TV, cuddled together. They’re 23, 22, and 17, boy, boy, girl, but they looked as if they’re still little ones. It was a sight to behold. That’s one of the reasons why I adored Tommy. He raised his kids in a very loving way. Suddenly, I felt calm enveloped me. It’s like I was freeing Tommy. No regrets. He made the right choice. He chose them. They’re complete again.

First night after I got the break up text from Tommy that I was able to sleep without crying. First night that I prayed for Tommy and his family and wished him well.

Although it seemed that everything was finally okay, I still couldn’t make myself eat. I might be developing anorexia.

Jan 8

I thought there would be peace at last. Boy, was I so wrong. The same wake up text at 630am – Good morning, who**. And about 11 missed calls. At least they’re getting fewer.

I felt so special. I wanted to reply, Thank you for waking me up, on the dot, as always. By the way, have you ironed my clothes? Please do it quickly as I have a 9 o’clock meeting. Nah, bad taste. Compose yourself, Guy. She’s not worth your time. Don’t let yourself stoop down to her level. I should be proud of myself to be able to ignore her for the fourth day.

I didn’t get an FB message from Trudy on Jan 7, not because she was at peace at last, but because she needed time to be able to write this:

Deceived and Betrayed by a Spineless Coward
Deceived and Betrayed by a Spineless Coward


Hi i just want to inform you that if you still have any plans na guluhin ang buhay naming mag-asawa don’t even dare coz if i trusted him so much before now his guarded, alam ko na wareabouts nya at i could monitor his works i have nieces aa first job at I could monitor online his second job attendance, i could actually give you the exact date you were here last dec 2014, August and january 2014, naawa ako sayo grabe guy you’re spending that money para lang m******* sa asawa ko? Excuse me for using that words but you deserve it whoar alam ko napasubo lang sayo asawa ko his a good man with good values however kung may demonyo nga naman na tulad mo, kati kalang sa kanya do you truly believe that my husband will last without s** af waiting lang kung kelan ka darating? Come on lam mo gaano kalaki at kagaling sa kama ang asawa ko do you believe papayag ako na walang s** for years? Wow you mm ust be insane to believe that pero sympre lahat ng lalaki eh gusto ng kon ting thrill at nagkataon game at super k**i ka why la kana ba rasyon sa asawa mo? Kadiri ka masyado kang sarap na sarap sa rasyon, girl rasyon kalang my husband actually cannot last a week without S** at alam ko kaya nga you go all the way from manitoba to here dahil sa s** na hanap mo, pity you girl, kasi ako since 24 years meron ako nun at Very Satisfied ako kaya nga diko namalayan nagluluko na pala asawa ko eh dahil i am contented and aexually satisfied to the max so hindi ako mahal? Wow asa kang masyado? Sino now ang walang values, masyado lang mabait ang asawa ko na di kayang magpahindi lalo sa manyak, super lan** na katulad mo imagine nauna ka pang nagpakan*** bago mo nilibing ang tatay mo? Who** whether you like it or not you will Stop i told you di ako madaling kalaban you will regret na pumatol ka sa asawa ko, We love him so much and we accept the fact his human that could commit errors therefore pintawad na namin sya you made him so miserable na kinakain na sya nga guilt feelings nya kasi matino syang tao therefoere huwag mo syang guluhin he doesn’t deserve a who** like yoy ikaskas mo sa bato ang mak*ti mong pu**, I pity you that you spent so much time and effort thinking kaya mo uling angkinin ang asawa ko no girl his a commited man that just merely thingking of abandoning his famiky make him sick and die one last word as i am wasting so much time with you Go To Hell Who**

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