Deceived and Betrayed by a Spineless Coward (P9)

Deceived and Betrayed by a Spineless Coward

The more he kept our affair in secret from his side, the more he wanted to be a part of my life.

When my parents went to his province where my sister had a convention for a week, he insisted on letting him spend an entire day with them.

When my PAL batchmates had a reunion in Niagara, he spent the entire day with us.

We went to the Philippines in Aug 2013 to reenact the first time he proposed to me. While we were walking towards Our Lady of the Holy Rosary of La Naval, there’s a resounding “No” that kept repeating in my head. I cried profusely. I could feel that Mama Mary would never allow our love no matter how sincere it was. He asked why I was crying. I told him. He said it’s just my mind and not worry about it.

When we celebrated my sister’s life while we were in the Philippines (she died of breast cancer in Florida in Jan 2013), he joined us during the mass where I introduced him to my other siblings and extended relatives.

But just like any other love story, ours was never without glitches.

We’d blame each other why we didn’t end up together. He’d blame me for leaving him; I’d blame him for taking her offer to be intimate with her after three months in their relationship.

Trudy hated him so much. He never talked to her. He avoided her like a plague. He’s not intimate with her anymore. He’d forward to me all her hate text messages. He’d forward his sisters’ emails about Trudy’s sumbongs of how their marriage was not working anymore.

I can’t pretend I was happy about that, but my conscience bothered me. No woman deserves to get hurt. I asked for a break up. He wouldn’t even hear of it. Tears would just roll down his eyes.

Deceived and Betrayed by a Spineless Coward
Deceived and Betrayed by a Spineless Coward
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