We went to see the Hundred Islands in Pangasinan on a whim after visiting the Virgin of Manaoag. A 2-hr. Victory Liner bus ride brought us to Alaminos where we took a tricycle from the terminal to the wharf and asked for some information at the National Park Center. Since it was already late in the afternoon, we decided to stay overnight at one of the local inns nearby and bought some shirts since I only had my trusty Nikon and a backpack full of Doritos and mineral water but no clothes!


Someone told us it would be better to hire a boat that would take us all around the islands for a whole day so we asked several boatmen by the pier and hired one for P800. At daybreak the following morning after a hearty breakfast, we set sail on a calm sea for a day of island hopping. First we headed for Governor’s Island which was some 15 minutes away. We climbed up several dozen steps when we got there to get a bird’s eye view of the islands that dotted the azure Pacific Ocean. Next stop was Marcos Island named after the former President where we docked on a small but beautiful white sand beach. A fifty-meter walk up a trail brought us to the cave, name Imelda, that was open to the sea below. Many bats made it their home and it could be accessed from below by a small boat or kayak.


Some 250 meters away brought us to Quezon Island, the biggest one in the group. This was the most-developed and frequently visited because there were several amenities including two dining pavilions, cottages, and restaurants. We decided to have lunch there and rested in one of the nipa huts where the refreshing sea breeze almost lulled us to sleep. But we had to go since there were many more places to explore. Some of the islands had descriptive names like Monkey Island where there were monkeys sighted in the area, Turtle Island whose shape looked like a tortoise and Shell Island which had many shells on the beach. Then there was Children’s Island whose shallow waters around made it ideal for the kids to swim, Devil’s island which had many diving sites and Century Island where there was huge cave with two entrances on opposite sides. I was looking for Virgin Island but they said none of that existed!


It sure was a lot of fun and the exquisite beauty of the place with its deep blue sea all around made us swear that one day we’d be back once again and stay longer to explore some more.



Departure at daybreak


The lighthouse in Lucap wharf

These boats are for rent


Racing to Governor’s Island


See and count ’em all


Having a good time by the beach


The house that Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) built


Pristine beach on Marcos Island


Imelda’s bat cave


Beyond this is the wide China Sea


Governor’s Island is made up of two islets linked by this wooden bridge



Docking in Governor’s Island




Into the open sea


Happy campers


The Boatman

The cave in Century Island

Cruising around on an outrigger

Inside this small isle is a whirlpool.


Picnicking in a hidden cove

Kids frolicking on Children’s Island

Surf’s up!

Chilling on the beach with an umbrella

Docking in Governor’s Island


On the way home

Ah, this is the life!


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