Create Your Own “More Fun in the Philippines” Meme!

So how has been the new year treating you lately? Are you still doing those new year resolutions you wrote down on new year’s eve? Haha! Me, I guess I’ve already forgotten about them overnight most especially that four letter evil word that starts with a D and ends with a T. Haha!

Early this year, a new slogan was introduced bearing the words “It’s more fun in the Philippines.” As controversy surrounds the new concept, it was said that it was a spin-off from an old Switzerland Tourism. As photos of an old newspaper clipping surfaced, a lot of people doubted DOT’s originality.

But no matter how controversial the slogan may be, you can’t deny the fact that it was really fun to create your own “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” Meme. So if your planning to create one, let’s do it right.

How to create your First “MFP” Meme.

1. Search for a catchy shot that you took within our Archipelago. It should be an attention grabbing picture that shouts “Philippines” in every angle. A scene, landscape, portrait, still shots… you choose!

2. Open the picture in Photoshop. Then do your usual post processing techniques.

3. Once you feel that your picture is complete, insert your own “More Fun in the Philippines” tagline using the Harabara Font. In this picture I used the  slogan : “Siesta. More fun in the Philippines”

4. Adjust the opacity of the text according to your preference. It’s usually between 50% – 90% depending on your taste. I used 60% here as I believe it suits my picture more.

5. When your done, save your image. Don’t forget to include the “more fun in the philippines” for the filename. Here I used. tarsier more fun in the philippines.jpg

6. Upload it and share! Don’t forget to post this on the It’s More Fun in the Philippines Official FB Page!

I know there are so many great More Fun in the Philippines photos currently streaming on websites but I think I would like to give this witty photos some credit as well. Just so ingenious!

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